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How to make homemade mayo

Roz Griffiths

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How to make homemade mayo:

Put one large egg & 2tbsp apple cider vinegar in the jug of your blender & allow to come up to room temperature.

Add 1/4 cup light olive oil, & 1/2 tsp each of salt & dry mustard.

Switch blender on. Take the middle bit out of the lid of your blender & curse slightly at ensuing rain of eggy stuff.

Very VERY slowly drizzle in a further cup of oil. Take your time.

By now, both you and your surroundings will be covered in a shower of tiny droplets of eggy-oil mix. Keep drizzling the oil.

Realise that this is one of those occasions when it's just not going to work. Stubbornly keep drizzling.

By now, the eggy-oily splatter will have reached the top of the cupboards. Keep drizzling & cursing until all the oil has gone.

Switch off blender. Remove the lid & peer doubtfully at the mess inside.

Clean kitchen, face & forearms.

Consult library of cookbooks for tips on "rescuing split mayonnaise".

Carefully whisk together a further egg yolk & tbsp of vinegar & drizzle this into the mess in the blender.

Switch off, remove lid, inspect & throw the lot in the bin.

Clean kitchen again.

Switch on computer & Google recipes for mayonnaise. Find a method that can be done with an immersion blender directly in a jar.

Bring another egg up to room temperature. Crack it into a jar with the same ingredients as before.

Instructions confidently assert that you can simply add everything to the jar & the "powerful blades of the immersion blender will create an emulsion without the need to drizzle the oil".

Switch on blender (in the sink this time).

Create a jar full of eggy-oily stuff.

Throw it in the bin & wash up again.

Have a cup of tea.

Bring a third egg up to room temperature. Repeat the initial method, but this time holding a bit of kitchen roll over the lid to attempt to cut down on the splattering.

Drizzle the oil EVEN MORE SLOWLY.

Start to have doubts & stop drizzling.


Turn blender speed up a bit. Consider an umbrella.

Add oil one drop at a time, with pauses.

Eggy-oily splatter now halfway up the cupboards.

Pray to the Gods of Emulsification. Remind self that my godfather used to make his own mayonnaise in a bowl with a balloon whisk & it took all morning.

Finally hear a change in the racket from the blender & notice that the splattering has eased off to occasional spitting.


Carefully drizzle in the last of the oil & switch off blender.

Cautiously open lid & peer in. Tilt jug to confirm that the stuff inside sticks to the bottom.

Empty contents of the blender into a carefully labelled jar & proudly put it on the fridge.

Wash up, clean kitchen, wash your hair & clothes.

Congratulations! You have made your own delicious mayonnaise!

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The weird thing is, the first 2 times i made it, it worked fine. Probably i got too cocky...

Roz I had success with my immersion blender that I had for many years but never used. Then all of a sudden I lost my mayo mojo. I dumped probably 4-5 batches. I then tried the blender and my Cuisinart with no luck. I dont think I am patient enough to drizzle slowly. Then someone said they loved their Breville Immersion blender so I bought one. I love it. I did have one fail, but I think I got cocky and moved the stick around too early.

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