Food aversions during ovulation?


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I wasn't sure whether to put this here or in the pregnancy room, so mods please move if I chose wrong.

I'm wondering if anyone has experienced food aversions similar to early pregnancy while NOT pregnant?

This never happened to me before doing Whole 30s, but several times in the last year or so, I have had strong and sudden aversions to meats and fish that last a couple of days around ovulation time. Not quite as extreme as first trimester aversions, but enough that I have a hard time getting enough protein and feel a little derailed.

It seems to be smell-related even more than taste, but you can't really have the latter without the former. Is this another one of my wacky idiosyncrasies or is this a thing, and if it's not just me, does anyone have any tips on how to navigate those days?

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Joey LOL on your whacky idiosyncrasies...Ms Maple hands. :0) Seriously Robin, I go through times of just so not into food but mostly meat. ovulating going on here though. It seems to happen every month or so and goes away as fast as it appears. I go with it and focus on lots of veggies.

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