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About to embark on a Whole 100 tomorrow. Dealing with various health issues..PCOS, gut issues, eczema, feeling cold and fatigued, joint issues, bipolar disorder and problems focusing....This makes things seem rather more grim than they really are, I have experienced a wonderful improvement in health in the last few months by becoming more strict with my Paleo-esque diet, exercising more diligently as I now have the energy to do so, practicing QiGong daily and having some healing sessions and ensuring I sleep well.

So everything was going swimmingly until about two weeks ago, when I started to allow myself the odd coffee with cream ( really do not tolerate it well but find it highly addictive), which soon became a daily feature, I then started having Paleo friendly snack bars as meal replacements, and everything slipped a little, nothing to freak out about for the average person, but whilst I am "in recover" I should really be more diligent.

So here I am, ready to take things to the next level for the next 3 months to fully heal gut, and resolve the rest of my issues. I am going to be continuing with all the other lifestyle improvements and aim to turn everything around for good. After the 100 days are over I definitely don't plan on going back to certain foods & drinks I have issues with, but will allow myself some Paleo friendly homemade desserts or health food shop treats if my health is stable...however because of the hormonal issues being incredibly sensitive at the moment I am going to eat really clean for the next 3 months.

This log is mainly for my sanity during the process, it will take a considerable amount of will power to sustain all of these changes. I know I can do it,but as my friends and family live a rather different lifestyle (they are all generally open minded and supportive though), I am grateful to have a forum such as this to connect with others on the same mission, I believe it is helpful to have some social reinforcement, even if it is over the internet!

So good luck to everyone else on the Whole 30 reading this!

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Welcome! This is a wonderfully supportive place to record your journey. I too know that this is going to take me longer than 30 days. I'm on day 19 and forging ahead. Good luck to you!

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