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W30.... Round 6 ish? So glad to be back on 100%


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Okay... Definatly not new to Whole30 as I've done five rounds and been 98% compliant in between ..... But I just came back from vacation and I decided to eat whatever while away...

I look at it as a great experiment.... I decided to eat some of my past favs and I must say they were amazingly delicious and did not see any immediate bad reactions.... About three days into vacation my mood went from great to down right grumpy,mean, and nasty.... I didn't notice it at first, but I was an asshole! Then the body aches on day 4-5 and even though I wasn't eating any more caloricaly than usual I felt all bloated and swollen and need to loosen my belt a notch. By day six I was sick of eating " normal food" and was craving my W30 meals !!!!

I made no arrangements to have my W30 food or a place to cook, etc.... So I was stuck for a few more days and did my best...... I couldn't wait to get home and start again !!!!

I got back late last night and this morning started my day with a light workout and a breakfast of ground chicken burger, spinach, and peppers.... Lunch of tuna with HM mayo and cabbage salad..... I already feel a world better!!!!

I post this in this section being a W30 veteran because I know how hard it can be to start and Compleat your 1st W30....... My " experiment" payed me huge dividends..... As I know 100% that W30 is now my new normal and no matter how wonderful the memories of " delicious junk" may be.... They really are out of my life, and if anyone attempting W30 for the 1st time is struggling...... Trust me..... Feeling great changes your cravings and attitude and living any other way becomes the struggle..... Unless being a bloated asshole is your idea of fun..... Lol

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Yaaayy! Sounds like you're back on track and thriving! I totally agree, giving up all the junk is not a sacrifice when you realise how crap you feel when you est it. It's almost worth off-roading occasionally just to remind you how great it feels to eat properly.... Almost :)

P.S. bloated and asshole should NEVER be used in the same sentence. EVER. 😜

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