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Irregularity...and I don't mean my period


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Hello everyone-

I am currently 18 days into my Whole30 plan. Things have been off to a great start: I'm feeling better, my clothes are fitting better, and I'm sleeping better. I'm still struggling with cravings (sugar, mostly, that's my biggest demon!), but overall this process has been a smooth move.

But speaking of smooth moves...I'm not having any. I don't want to get graphic here, but I'm not....eliminating. Even when I was drinking coffee (because caffeine is a diuretic) I was going more regularly than now. At the start of my 30 days (for about the first 4-5 days), I was having the cramps and upset described in the It's Starts With Food Book. I figured this was a normal part of starting the plan, but now that I'm not getting the cramps...I'm hardly going at all.

It's not hard to go, when I have to. But I don't have to but once or twice a week. WHAT IS THIS? Should I just up my fibrous veggie intake?

Has anyone else experienced this? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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I would definitely try checking your fiber consumption, and see if adjusting that helps. Additionally, be sure you're drinking a lot of water. I've been drinking about 3L (96 oz.) a day, and I have found that's been really helpful. I know there was another thread on this on another section of the board. You might be able to dig up some more ideas and information there.

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with fiber, make sure you adjust slowly. Too much fiber can cause constipation as can too little fiber, depending on your body...it takes a little while to adjust. One thing that might help is to supplement with magnesium citrate. It's a small muscle relaxant which draws water into the bowel, so it will ease constipation. Just don't take too much or it will send you in the other direction! A teaspoon of natural calm (a powdered mag citrate supplement) in water at night is lovely for sleep as well.

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Green Bee

Don't worry honey, this is not that uncommon! Don't sweat it, we just need to probably tweak a few things.

1. Be patient (I know that's the last thing you want to here after a few days of no movement), but there are still a lot changes going on in your digestive track. So it might be lagging behind in some of the other awesome results you listed. It will get there!

2. DRINK MORE WATER than you care to. Switching to a paleo style of eating generally leads to a lower-carb diet and therefore less water retention. So it's important that you drink more water, especially b/c now it's summer. I suggest drinking a full glass first thing in the morning when you wake up. Keep a refillable bottle with you all day.

3. Are you eating raw or cooked veggies? Raw veggies like broccoli is A LOT of fiber. Cooking your veggies will ease the digestive process.

4. Like the other mentioned, supplementing with magnesium citrate is very beneficial. I like the brand Natural Calm.

5. A little added coconut oil is magical in so many ways. Maybe a spoonful before bed with your magnesium.

Last thing...have you tried taking the coffee out for a few days? I have struggled with this before and was doing everything I mentioned above. At the time, Dallas and Melissa, were challenging readers to go without caffeine for 30 days. So I tried it out. At the end of 30 days when I brought coffee back into my life (glorious day), everything started moving again as it should :) So maybe try a week without coffee and then add it back and see if it has the diuretic effects you are looking for.

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I have also struggled with constipation. For me it is partly hormonal I need to get my thyroid checked but if this is new for you here are a few things that have helped me.

Chew chew chew your food. With veggies especially the more you can break them down before it hits your gut the better.

Fermented veggies (sauerkraut etc..) also help keep me moving. I also take green pasture fermented cod liver oil.

Magnesium also helps me but like others have said don't overdose!

I also do better with cooked veg.

I hope this helps!!

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