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Pam's Honest Whole30; take 2


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Here I am starting a public log. I hope I can be honest about what I eat and how I feel. I'm great at doing personal logs, but who then holds me accountable or points out the mistakes? Certainly not me.

So, I started Whole30 21 days ago after finally reading the book (sat on my shelf for 6 months). I went Paleo last summer with Mark's Daily Apple and did quite well for a while. Since sugar is allowed in many forms, I really did find myself eating an 80/20 Primal diet with the 20% being in the form of (dark) chocolate chips, honey or maple syrup. Not helpful.

My weight was low (5'3", 118lbs and muscular) but my energy level/mood stunk and my hormones are out of control due to perimenopause. I was diagnosed with pelvic organ prolapse in November, so my exercise routine has been greatly changed. I was a cross-fit gym rat who felt compelled to beat the 20-30 year old crowd (I'm 48). I did it, too! Not any more. I am struggling with the 'woe is me' pity party and being a poop about finding another form of exercise. My plan is to pull out my beloved bicycle and start riding again, plus swimming mornings when our neighborhood pool opens at the end of the month.

Portion control, snacking and sugar. Those are my 3 weaknesses. I would like to get rid of the bloated belly and the uncontrollable hunger between 10am-2pm. Boredom plays a role here. I am a stay at home mom whose children are now all teenagers. I start a part time job on Wednesday which should help a ton. It is at our local food co-op, so I feel like I finally have to practice what I've preached for over a decade!

As you can see, I apparently am long winded. I promise, if you read this, that my later blog entries will not all be rambling. I am going to post what I eat each day because this blog is primarily for me, but maybe you will enjoy seeing what I'm cooking (love to cook!) and ask about it. Maybe you will offer me suggestions or point out errors in my Whole30 so I will stay on track. I thank you in advance.

Let me add that I am a long time eating disorder girl. I was anorexic at age 15 and hospitalized back before it was popular. I then developed bulimia, and hid behind that disorder for another 15 years until my first child was born (not even my husband knew, which absolutely floors me). It then was no longer just about me, so I began the lonely struggle of recovering without telling anybody what I was recovering from. I still harbor the feelings, but not the behavior. I am sure it holds me back, so I've started some private therapy. How liberating! I am truly lucky to be alive, and even luckier to suffer no long term physical consequences that I know of at this time. I did substitute cardio work outs as the compulsive behavior so I am working on that now, too.

Enough said.


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DayOne: up at 5:45am after an OK night's sleep. I have trouble staying asleep these days.


Crio bru with 2T full fat coconut milk

7 oz bag of broccoli slaw sauteed in ghee/coconut oil with mushrooms and 3 slices proscuitto

2 forkfulls spicy kim chi

Using kim-chi now instead of my coconut water kefir that contains Stevia.


I really wasn't hungry, but I ate because I knew I'd be starving when I got home in 3 hours.

2 medium carrots

3-4oz chicken breast in avocado/basil pesto with a tiny amount of spaghetti squash


2 grilled lamb chops

tons of pan sauteed broccolini and asparagus (in ghee and coconut oil)

Snack: (trying not to snack, but this is all about honesty and accountability so I write it down!)

about 1 cup sliced raw jicama

Went to gym for an hour and used elliptical in somewhat of a tabata style. Picked up my foster dog after he was adopted and returned to rescue within 48 hours for showing food guarding behavior with their other dog. Really given no time to transition into their home, but better now than in a month. I am secretly happy since the whole family adores him. Totally unrelated to Whole30, but I thought I'd mention it. :wub:

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Hello. I am in the same age group (50) so I know some of what you're feeling. I run and hate to lose to some young whippersnapper :P I am at day 8 of my whole 30. I'm just trying to be as healthy as possible, no real problems but I'm watching my friends develop them and don't want to go there. Good Luck!

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I have decided I will keep my profile image until my sugar demons are under control. Right now I just feel like Pete Puma; hammering away at my noggin in self destructive behavior!

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Woke up at 5am with a HUGE charley horse in my right calf. That happens a lot. Suggestions? I could probably add a magnesium capsule since I have them in the cupboard. I swear it triggered a rapid heart rate the last time I took it (but I took several to help with constipation) but I'll try it again. Potassium? So painful.

I also noticed my belly isn't as bloated this morning. Amazing that one day without dried fruit or nuts can be that dramatic. I believe those are the culprits. I even ate a lot of gas producing food yesterday.

I'm not hungry. How do I force myself to eat within an hour of rising when I'm so used to not doing so? Typically, I would eat about 3-4 hours after getting up. I'm up at 5:30 am to get my Autism spectrum son on the school bus at 6:30 am. I do have a cup of crio bru with coconut milk by 6am, so maybe I can make a deal with myself not to eliminate my habitual brew in exchange for eating a breakfast?

Breakfast (at 8:30):

leftover asparagus with beef kimchi stew (about 2oz beef). Better than nothing!

I made a Spicy Beef and Kimchi stew last night. Subbed balsamic vinegar for soy sauce and some coconut milk for the 2T sugar in the recipe. I guess I have nothing to compare it to, but it was very good. My only regret is cooking the kimchi. One, it probably destroyed much of the probiotics and two, it then is just super expensive sauerkraut! I tried to just add it at the end of the simmering time, but it still went into hot liquid for about 5 minutes.

Lunch: 12:30

6oz chicken breast with skin with 1t ghee

assorted sauteed vegetables in olive oil

4 chunks beef from stew

1c raw jicama slices

Thirsty. Translated into hunger. Finally got that through me head and had a big glass of water. It stopped the need to eat! Typically, this would be the time when I would take out the spoon for the jar of almond or MeeNut butter and honey. ;) Not today

Went to gym for an hour again to hit the elliptical; tabata style. It seems to not bother my injury, so I'm sticking with it for now. Weather too unpredictable to take out the bike. Off to the dog park with the pooches after dinner.

Dinner: 6:30

Humongous bowl of onion/broccoli slaw/mushrooms/red pepper/spinach sauteed in 1T ghee/coconut oil, coconut aminos and dukkah

1/2 chicken leg with skin and a few Tbsp of the delicious juices from the pan

I just didn't feel like eating the protein after downing the bowl of sauteed vegetables (legs needed a few more minutes to cook and I didn't want to wait). Maybe I will eat a leg after the dog park.

Snack: 9pm

Handful of raw jicama slices. Needed a crunch before bedtime.

My new favorite 'spice' is homemade DUKKAH! Basically, I put 1/2c toasted hazelnuts in the food processor with cumin, coriander, cayenne, thyme and salt. Original recipe says to use savory but I had none. It was for the chicken legs (yum: marinade them in tomato paste, vinegar and dukkah) but I had extra and sprinkled it on the veggies. So very good.

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Hi Pam, great log. I would love to follow your cooking adventure.

I too wake up really early as I walk to work at 6:40. I drank 1 coffee for the first 14 days, then let it go to see how I would feel. Six days of awful! I wanted to see if it was producing inflammation for me. I honestly don't gt my breakfast in till around 8. I just can't force in food.

Yes on less bloat without nuts! I couldn't agree more.

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Day Three.

I feel my belly is flatter. Not a great night's sleep last night, but OK. I only remember 1 hot flash! I seem to get them after I eat more than anything. Desire to inhale sugar, nut butters or trail mix is at an all time low. Made my crio brue with coconut milk and got the kids up and out for school. I start my part time job this afternoon at the food co-op. I know this is good for me, but I feel guilty.

Breakfast: 8:30 (still 3 hours after waking, but I'm trying!)

Large bowl of spinach with about 4oz beef stew with kimchi

Snack: 11am (obviously not enough breakfast)

1 bottle pure young coconut water

handful raw jicama with a bit of dukkah

1T raw coconut

Lunch: 1pm

10 oz boneless rib eye steak!

several handfuls raw spinach

I have an orientation session for my new job today from 4-7pm, so I knew I would be missing dinner. So, I ate this huge, wonderful rib eye steak. It was a lot to eat, but I don't think I'll be thinking about food at 6PM. Plan ahead. That's me! I consider this lunch and dinner. I'm sure I'll grab a bowl of veggies after I get home around 8pm.

"Snack": 8pm

Large bowl sauteed onion, mushroom, broccoli slaw, spinach in 2t ghee/coconut oil with 1t dukkah

6 big blueberries

I'm really not super hungry, but I know fasting from 1pm to morning will not make me feel good. Very happy to say my normal habit of buying some yummy treat at the food co-op for the purpose of 'just eating a little now and the rest later' did not even cross my mind when I went through the store tonight after training. I am famous for buying bulk chocolate covered almonds and just eating off the chocolate, or a piece of "organic" carrot cake :) saying I will just eat the frosting... only to find the whole thing gone by the time I got home. Boy, what I am admitting to!

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Day Four

I am hungry today! Perhaps it is the gloomy weather or the fact I have little scheduled today, but I've had trouble keeping my face out of the pantry. I was rushed out the door and couldn't eat much until 10:30. Not a good plan.

Breakfast: 8am

Crio bru and half caff coffee with 2T coconut milk

6 macadamias and a few hazelnuts

Brunch: 10:30am

1 large chicken leg (with skin) and dukkah

2-3 oz beef stew with kimchi

2T shredded raw coconut

I had to stop myself. I am sure I let my hunger go too long by not making time for breakfast before I ran out the door. I need to hard boil some eggs. I have not been tempted by the root beer float cake (home made for the kids) or left over frosting in the fridge, but instead the nuts and coconut are calling my name. Time to run to the store to pick up some jicama, carrots and other crunchy vegetables. Probably am a bit dehyrated, too. Feeling good about the flattening belly, so I will try my hardest today to avoid situations were I feel the need to celebrate my success a bit too soon... was able to get to the gym and sweat for an hour. It was difficult but I always feel good afterward.

Dinner: 5pm:

Big bowl of Pakistani Kima on bed of baby spinach; maybe 6oz beef?

piece of fatty top sirloin that kids didn't eat (maybe 2oz tops)

I made the kima with raisins. I probably should not have done that, but the raisins really make the dish. I think I will pick them out when I eat the leftovers. I swear I had a hot flash within 15 minutes of eating it. Maybe it was the incredible amount of spice (I had only hot curry powder left), but I think it might be sugar.

Snack: 7:45 pm and 9:30pm

1/4 yellow bell pepper and 6 blueberries.

2 more oz of ground beef from Kima; no raisins.

Well, I was actually just cleaning up dinner and found these on the counter so I ate them. hah

I need to get up at 4:45 to drive my oldest to the airport. He and his classmates are off to a National Debate and Forensics competition! Philadelphia, PA for 4 days. How grown up for a Sophomore in high school. I work tomorrow, too, so I will be pooped.

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Day Five

I had to get up at 4:30 to take my oldest to the airport. I am going to be exhausted today. That is a trigger for me to eat sugar, for sure.

Coffee/Crio bru with 2T coconut milk at 5am on the way to the airport.

Breakfast: 7am

Bowl of Pakistani Kima (with raisins; can't enjoy dish without them!); maybe 5 oz ground beef?

I hope I can get back to sleep for an hour or so. First day officially on the new job and I don't want to be tired because a lot of info is being tossed my way!

Slept another 30 minutes. Feeling better.

Snack 10am

Not able to eat again until about 3pm, but I'm really not hungry. So, I had a few things:

2 macadamia nuts

2 forkful of kimchi

1 carrot

late lunch 3pm

~5oz leftover beef

1c cauliflower

dinner 7pm

Well, if I'm going to be honest, today was a flop. I knew when I woke up that I would be struggling with fatigue which is an eating trigger for me. I was fine until I opened the big bag of trail mix I bought at the co-op before I left work. I did an old habit of thinking, "I'll just eat the good nuts and leave the rest", only to find the whole bag gone while I waited for my acorn squash to bake for dinner. I should've microwaved a sweet potato for faster food. I got too bored, tired and hungry!

Everything about what I ate was Whole30, but just to excess:

2c trail mix: macamadia, hazelnuts, raisins and some walnuts. That is A LOT of nuts!

1 entire acorn squash with ghee, salt and cinnamon. Probably 1/4c ghee.

Ugh. Not happy with the amount, but very happy that I didn't reach for the chocolate chips or that last chunk of cake I made for the kids the other day. The desire to overeat is still there, but I really have changed what I want to eat and crave to eat! If there had been a 16oz rib eye in front of me it would have been devoured!

I need to go to bed early and get over it. I can feel my stomach growing already. Starting to feel nauseous; probably from all of the squash and ghee!

If I am lucky, nobody is reading my Whole30 log and I won't be embarrassed.

8:45pm OH, yea. It didn't end there. Suffice it to say, I did not finish the day compliant. Funny thing is, I didn't even enjoy it. Chocolate cake and ice cream. A lot of it. This is my 2nd attempt at Whole30, but I hadn't eaten processed sugar like that in 27 days. :angry:

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What the hell do I call this day? Day One? How depressing.

I woke up with a nasty headache. I don't get headaches. I feel like I have allergies this morning. I am trying to force myself to eat breakfast, but I am so full still and bloated. I gave myself a pep talk this morning to hopefully avoid a depressive crash. I'm very disappointed in myself.

Breakfast (so far) 7:30am

Crio bru/half caff coffee with 2T coconut milk

Tonight my husband and I are going out to a brew pub for dinner with some friends. I'm pretty sure I'll wind up not being Whole30 compliant, but only with fat used to cook a burger or something like that. I won't worry much about it.

Thankfully, and interestingly so, sugar and non-compliant food disgusts me right now. Even nuts! I really, really did not enjoy the foods I ate last night, and shake my head as to how I let all of that eating happen. Next time I'll just leave the house or go to bed if I am over tired.

Brunch 10:30am

Finally ate.

Big bowl Pakistani Kima with raisins picked out. Maybe 8oz beef on bed of spinach.

Dinner: 6PM

8oz filet mignon with sauteed onion

sauteed carrots and summer squash

So, food choices were VERY limited at the Brew Haus. I was sure I could find a bunch of burgers to choose from (most places do lettuce wraps now), but this was more a supper club. I've never been so aware of the cheese and gluten used to prepare our restaurant meals. So, expensive filet! It was good. I only eat grass fed at home and I really do think I can taste the difference. Not sure if the veggies were sauteed in butter or oil but I was just happy to get through the day without huge issues. Cravings aren't any different. I am pretty bloated but what did I expect from the sheer quantity eaten!

I did get to the gym for an hour today which makes me feel better. So, tomorrow will be called Day Seven because my Whole30 friends said I could do that. :rolleyes: Better to stay positive. I feel a lot like my profile picture today... beating myself over the head again and again!

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I agree with Susan. I think if I were you, I'd just add a few days onto the end. If you decide to hit the reset button I think I'd go and enjoy dinner, stress free and guilt free. Maybe focus on making a better choice tonight at dinner instead of being compliant. Then tomorrow or sometime over the weekend, get in the kitchen and chop, slice, crockpot, roast your way through a cook-up. Set yourself up with what you'll know you'll need to get through the first few days. Take a breath and tap the brakes. The beauty of the Whole30 is you succeed or learn, you never fail. Just my two cents. Have a great day!

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I agree with Susan. I think if I were you, I'd just add a few days onto the end. If you decide to hit the reset button I think I'd go and enjoy dinner, stress free and guilt free. Maybe focus on making a better choice tonight at dinner instead of being compliant. Then tomorrow or sometime over the weekend, get in the kitchen and chop, slice, crockpot, roast your way through a cook-up. Set yourself up with what you'll know you'll need to get through the first few days. Take a breath and tap the brakes. The beauty of the Whole30 is you succeed or learn, you never fail. Just my two cents. Have a great day!

I don't even WANT a burger on a bun and fries. That is the interesting part. I took gluten out, for the most part, a few years ago so beer doesn't tempt me. I'm not going to stress out about what oil they use on the burger or sweet potato fries (if I have some), but I won't drink or eat grains. That part is easy. Same with no dessert, but I'm going out with a nutritionist and she never eats dessert anyway! Easy friends.

I am going to make this Whole45, which essentially puts this back at DayOne but I won't call it that. Semantics. ;) I had always thought I needed 45 or 90 days of strict sugar removal anyway. I'm not sure I can last that long without using oats and honey but we'll see. Definitely no processed (white/brown) sugar or baked goods for that time.

I am learning a ton.

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Day Seven

Crio bru at 7:30am with 2T coconut milk and a few bites of the remaining Pakistani Kima without the raisins.

Breakfast: 9:45am

2 eggs scrambled with onion/spinach in 1T coconut oil/ghee

1c raw jicama

Feeling fine. Just a bit tired, but that seems pretty normal for me these days. Nights are giving me too restful of sleep for the past few months. Better than preWhole30 though. Working from 1-4:30 today so I've got to figure out how to best arrange my meals to avoid getting too hungry. I work at a food co-op, so I have food at my fingertips for when the shift is over. I suppose a small snack before work since I won't be hungry enough for lunch in 90 minutes...

Snack: noon

1 carrot, 1/4 orange bell pepper

1/4 cup raw walnuts and almonds

Dinner: 6:30

1 chicken quarter (with wing; not leg)

big pile of mixed veggies in olive oil

2oz piece of halibut (this may have been soaked in milk but not sure if that is super bad)

I was hungry! Hungry for meat. What a funny difference vs a month ago. I would have been hungry for anything but steak or chicken and vegetables. I like it. Quite a different kind of craving sensation, too.

Snack: 9:15pm

handful of jicama

I do need to figure out my meals prior to the days that I work. I don't like getting myself into such a hungry state because I don't do well there!

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Pam - I've decided to do a Whole60, since I think I need the same thing - a good, whopping sugar detox - for my body and my inflammation. Even though they say no Whole365, I really think it helps me to say I'm adopting this as a lifestyle.

Chitowngirl - thank you so much for that thought that you succeed or learn but never fail. I like that. A lot.

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Day Eight

Woke to and had Crio Bru with 2T coconut milk at around 7am

Breakfast: 9am

2 eggs with sauteed in ghee/coconut oil with onion, asparagus and broccolini

Lunch: 12:30pm

Tons of broccolini and asparagus sauteed in ghee/coconut oil

1/2 c raw jicama

I have a 10 oz boneless rib eye but I need to save it for late afternoon! I didn't have any other protein I wanted to eat, so I'm not going to try to sub with nuts. I needed to be clubbed over the head, but nuts and seeds trigger eating for me. I am so looking forward to my protein binge. If I can figure out how to post photo attachments (I don't see any option except for 'link') I'll take a picture. It will be a beautiful sight. Grass fed. Marbled. Thick. Protein.

Dinner: 6PM

8+ oz boneless rib eye

6 big blueberries

I couldn't even eat half of it, but I did eat several pieces of the other top sirloin. Both grass fed. No room for vegetables, but I did eat a day's worth of broccolini at lunch. I have a taste for some blueberries, so I think I'll have a few.

Went to the gym and worked up a sweat for an hour. It felt good. Lots of energy.

Technically, today is day Whole29. I started the Whole30 thinking it would end the day I went to visit friends in Washington. I had to cancel the trip to take the job. Over the past 30 days I have eaten processed sugar on one day, and for that I am very proud. That one day was sugar-gluten-dairy all cheated in one fell swoop. Oh, well. Onward and upward.

I am not 100% sure what I am going to do here. I feel sugar is under control, but I do not feel like I can add it back in yet (even honey/maple syrup, etc). I might try oats and some cheese. Just not sure.

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Day Nine... or the end of Whole30 had I been fully compliant!

Woke up way too early after a long weekend and staying up late to greet my Korean students. Started out at 6am with Crio Bru and 2T coconut milk, but just couldn't eat.

Breakfast: 9am

Med sweet potato with onion/mushroom sauteed in coconut oil/ghee

2oz left over rib eye

I'm hoping this will keep me satisfied until I am done with work at 3pm. The 11-3 shifts are tough on the appetite! Just because I'm feeling happy, I will post a picture:


Late lunch: 3:30pm

Small chicken quarter (with wing and skin)

1c mixed veggies in olive oil

REINTRODUCTION: 1 serving of Steve's Paleo Crunch cereal (cinnamon swirl). Reintroducing some honey. We will see what it does.

I am treating this as Day 30 for some foods and still Day Nine for others. I will not be eating processed sugar in baked treats or things like ice cream for the remained of this second attempt at Whole30. I think I will add in some oats on Thursday if I feel OK tomorrow from the honey.

Dinner: 6:15pm

6oz salmon with 1/3c tomato/orange salsa

1c squash/asparagus sauteed in olive oil/sesame oil

I didn't plan on eating so much, but the (wild caught!) salmon was nearly perfect. I'm not 100% sure if the Paleo Crunch of the two meals within a few hours has made me feel so full and almost bloated. We will keep an eye out for this the next time I add some type of 'natural' sugar like maple syrup or honey. I can't stay sugar free my entire life!


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I found this picture in my phone; taken right when my Whole30 began. I don't feel this way anymore!

Hmmmm. Seems photo wants to be above with the other photo. how to delete a post I don't know!

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Day Ten


Crio brue with 3T coconut milk

This is another very tired morning! I have a chance to redeem myself from the last tired day where I completely broke Whole30 for the first time intentionally. Fatigue is one of my eating triggers. I am pretty busy today, so I don't have a lot of time to sit in the kitchen and resist foods. I'm usually very good at resisting foods if I have to pick them up off of the shelf and pay for them, or order them from a drive through line. That doesn't get me. I'll be making a huge breakfast around 9am or so. No time right now.

Breakfast: 9:30am

Not ideal timing, but it is what it is.


Large bowl of pork sausage stir fry (in fat) with onion/mushroom/broccoli slaw on bed of spinach (~6oz sausage)

Snack: 11am

I need to get out of the house! Good thing I am leaving in a few minutes. That tired, bored hungry feeling looms. I did reintroduce a little honey again today in the same way as yesterday. Maybe 15g sugar in the form of honey?

1/3 c Steves Paleo Crunch Apple Cinnamon Cereal (has some honey)

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Why are you introducing honey while doing a W30?

Well, I made the executive decision to try reintroducing non-white sugar and baked goods after not having them for 30 of the past 31 days. It was a mistake.

I had broken the Whole30 about 10 days ago with cake/ice cream. Other than that, no baked goods, white sugar, flour, dairy, etc. I thought I could stay free from the white sugar and just start using small amounts of honey, maple syrup, molasses and such for cooking and such. Again, big mistake.

HUGE trigger. My body was not ready.

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Wow. What an experience. For me, yesterday has pounded it home that I am so not ready to be Post Whole30. 30 days means 30 consecutive days.

5 hours after I took my last bite of food, I felt like I was going to vomit. I was having continual waves of hot flashes (I *am* 48) and I barely slept. I was thirsty and restless.

The five hours prior to that, I was depressed and tearful. What an instant mood change I had! Within 30 minutes of eating the sugar my mood had drastically changed and my mind felt slow. It really was dramatic, but also it was how I felt on Day One of the Whole30 at the end of April.

I don't know if my husband really meant it, but he did not scoff at me when I said yesterday's mood was due to me eating sugar again. I will try to be positive and say he might actually believe that I could not do well with foods. It might be that he just didn't like what I was like last night but I suppose I can't force him to believe what I believe.

So, I have not eaten yet today and it is almost noon. I just can't eat. I did have some crio bru and 2T coconut milk when I rolled out of bed at 6:30am (hubby stayed home from the gym to get my youngest off to school). I know I should eat, but it makes me feel nauseous to think about eating anything. I need to eat before I go to work at 3PM. At that time, it will be 24 hours since I ate last. Not good.

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I thought I posted something earlier, but I guess I never hit 'post'.

I felt so horrible all afternoon and into the morning. Just a big boost of motivation to give it 30 CONSECUTIVE days in a row effort. I just had no appetite at all until about 1:30pm so I didn't eat. I'm not one to force eating so I just didn't; good or bad. I did have some crio bru and 2T coconut oil in the morning when I first rolled out of bed.

(late) Lunch 1:45pm

Onion and 1/2 bag broccoli slaw sauteed in coconut oil/ghee with a tiny bit of sausage and mushroom stir fry from yesterday. On bed of spinach.

Not even 1oz of meat. I just didn't feel like eating meat. I did have maybe another ounce of ground beef from a burger my husband was eating.

Snack: 10pm

Home from work and felt the need for a little protein. I just ate a few pieces of the sausage leftover from yesterday's breakfast. Maybe 2oz. Not much; don't want to go to bed too full or it keeps me awake.

Today was a good day despite yesterday. Had a nice talk with my husband about our marriage which needs some big time fixing... stress adds to the difficultly level of Whole30 for sure. I hope I can pull together 30 consecutive days this time. I'd like to see some real results.

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Day Two

Up at 5:45 after not going to bed until after 11pm. Ouch. I'm not going to enjoy these 'close the store; work mornings the next day' kind of schedule! Going back to work after 14 years gone is interesting. It brings back feelings of incompetence I haven't felt since my first son was born!

Crio bru at 6am with 2T coconut milk

Breakfast: 8am

2 egg omelet in coconut oil/ghee with about 2oz Italian sausage on bed of baby spinach.


Snack: noon

All i had was a pear. I think that is the first whole piece of fruit I have eaten in a month. I tried to pick a fruit that wasn't so fructose laden, but who knows if I chose well!

Snack (again): 4:30pm

1/2 bottle kombucha w/o any sugars. Never had it before. It is defyingly sweet. Not sure I'll drink it much.

2 forkful of kimchi and a few bites of the chicken quarter I bought for dinner.

I am hungry! If I wasn't eating with the family I would just eat it all now.

Dinner: 5:45pm

I made it to dinner!

1 small chicken quarter (wing, not leg, with skin)

lots of cruciferous vegetables and mushrooms sauteed in olive oil

1/8 of a very bland tasting acorn squash with 1t ghee (not even ghee can save it)

What can I do with this tasteless acorn squash? Normally I'd just inhale it with a small amount of ghee and salt. How disappointing!

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