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Scotch Eggs!!!!

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I made a version…………

12 eggs hard boiled and peeled

2 raw eggs

1.5lbs lean ground beef

½ red onion – diced

4oz mushrooms – diced

1 large handful organic baby spinach – chopped finely

Salt – to taste

Pepper – to taste

Paprika – to taste

Red Pepper flakes – to taste

Garlic powder – to taste

1 cupcake pan – holds 12 (or 2 that hold six, need 12 places)

Coconut oil – enough to lightly grease a cupcake pan

Lightly grease cupcake pan(s) with coconut oil. Boil and peel eggs, set aside to cool. Take all other ingredients and mix by hand in a large bowl until well incorporated. Take a palm full of the mixture and flatten out thinly like a hamburger patty in your hand. Place a hardboiled egg in the center and start to fold the meat mixture around the egg. You may need more or less to cover the completely. Place egg in a cupcake pan. Repeat until all eggs all covered and put in the pan(s). I found 1.5lbs of meat to be almost not enough for 12 eggs as I like them fully covered and with plenty of meat on them. Next time I will probably use 2lbs for 12 eggs. It's not a science nor is there a set amount of meat to egg for this version. They came out great and are easy to reheat, eat cold or grab on the go.

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How do you cook them?

When I made mine I just covered the eggs with simple home made pork sausage (pork, spices) and baked them on a cookie sheet @ 375 until the meat was browned on the outside. Served with mustard.

The only thing I would do differently would be to stand the eggs 'up' so when you cut them in half the egg is even on both sides :) Or possibly pan fry them in coconut oil similar to the following recipe.


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The post on Well Fed does note that Whole9 doesn't support the crushed pork rind coating version, so skip that one if you're doing Whole30 :)

In 1809 they used to serve them with gravy, if you want to try another version. I've also seen someone do an asian-inspired one with prawn meat for the meat coating.

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If you must have a crust on the outside, I am sure almond flour would work! I love scotch eggs! I do a softer boiled egg for them, because I can't handle green yolks! I boil them for 6 minutes chill really really well and peel and continue. They are really yummy with mustard and they make great camping fare too.

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