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Day 2 rundown


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Me: 34 yrs old. Male. 6'3" 205 lbs. Exercise about 5 days a week - weights & cardio. (no gym today, wife was out of town, so I was on duty with our 2 year old before and after work)

Day 1 was great, today was as well. Just very tired today, stayed up too late last night.


4 organic free range eggs with red and yellow peppers

half an organic, free range, grass fed beef sausage

sauteed spinach

2 slices bacon (grass fed, organic etc from US Wellness meats)

1 cup coffee


6 oz. grilled chicken (marinated in olive oil, montreal chicken seasoning, salt, pepper)

Organic spinach

sliced cucumbers

sauteed mushrooms and zucchini

above was all in a salad, I used EVOO and balsamic as dressing

half a baked yam

Afternoon snack:


handful hazelnuts


Stuffed roasted yellow pepper

Stuffed with organic pastured ground beef, basil, onions

Roasted brussels sprouts and fennel, with white truffle oil

half a baked yam

(i felt like i should include an avocado for some fat, but I was already full from the above)


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