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Whole 30 - I can do this!!!!!

Natalie Ames

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Hi All!

I am wheat/ gluten/ soy intolorant so dont eat those anyways. Ive cut back on sugar but i did have Adreanal Fatigue for a while, hence me craving salt a lot when im tired/ stressed, usually in form of crisps (potato chips), also like black coffee, nuts and dark chocolate.

All of which im gna try and cut back on /out in the next 30 days as i have GI issues, mainly severe bloating and IBS. Im tiny, 5,4 and very slim so this bloating looks crazy on me! :( Im also moving to LA in 4 weeks from London so hope the stress of moving wont throw me off track!??? Here goes

3rd July


  • Soft Boiled egg (Running out to work,wasnt hungry, too early)
  • Black Coffee (gna go decaff tomorrow)

  • Lunch

  • Crayfish Salad (Crayfish, lettuce, avocado, oil dressing)
  • Crisps (potato chips) (fail! No more of these!)
  • Peppermint tea (feel full, gassy and horrid, prob from last weeks bad eating. Headache, tired)

  • Dinner

  • Minced Chilli Beef stuffed in 2 Egg plants with Avocado and loads of steamed Greens (Had time to cook this hence is being best meal)
  • Camomile tea (felt great but full) (craving dark chocolate)
  • Handful of Coconut Flakes
  • Semi early night, fell asleep at 12?

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Welcome Natalie.

Yeah crisps fail because they are made with white potatoes and white potatoes are out during a Whole30.

If midnight is early for you, it sounds like working on getting 8 hours of sleep every night might be a good project for you!

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Hi Tom! Thanks for the welcome! :) Yes crisps are my weakness so will be tough (though ive done it before)

I used to eat loads of nuts instead of crisps but now im eliminating them also, as nutritionist said about GI issues and nuts. Gna try and eat three larger meals i think so i dont snack, any suggestions if I have to snack? Olives are great, i love raw carrots and celery, Guac, not a fan of fish, working on it.... and yes def need more sleep, the quality of it bad! :wacko: Very excited about this log! Hope it helps me commit! x

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yeah, crisps are tough to give up, but remember it's not just the potatoes, but the oil they are cooked in. really not good for the body at all.

I've been trying to keep it to 3 big meals, no snacks but the best snacks for me combine protein and fat, like (W30 compliant) turkey lunch meat or roast beef rolled around avocado slices, or a couple hard boiled eggs. That's what I've been doing for breakfasts at work, along with a baggies worth of steamed or raw veggies (lightly steamed broccoli and carrots, raw cherry tomatoes or bell pepper slices). For post-workout breakfasts I add some roasted sweet potato. Any combo like that would be good for a snack. Maybe throw in some olives as well.

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Day 2


  • Green tea
  • Soft Boiled egg
  • Decaff coffee


  • Green Salad with Chicken, radishes, cherry tomatoes
  • Decaff coffee


  • Chai tea
  • Handful of walnuts and coconut flakes (while dinner was cooking, was soooo hungry!)
  • Baked Turkey Breasts, Greens, Carrots, Brocolli, Cauliflower, Red cabbage
  • Tea with coconut milk
  • Water

Working stupid early hours so not hungry in morning, felt great after lunch, balanced and energetic, but after a few hours developed massive headache and neck ache, prob something to do with the fact working an awful boring day job and the gap between lunch and leaving is too big! Also could be deydration, didnt drink much water today! Maybe ill bring a snack and some water tomorrow?

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