Developing unhealthy habits

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I found when I dove into the clean eating world it kinda developed some serious unhealthy habits. I'm at the point where I've accepted these issues and I'm glad to say I'm over coming them to the best of my abilities. Though they still lurk!

I'm sure I'm not the only one in this situation. I developed a severe eating disorder about 3 years ago and faced some crazy complications, I was 140lbs at 6foot5 and I looked like a gust of wind would blow me away! I realised the problem, and with difficulty I pushed myself to gain weight. I'm now 190lbs and feel awesome.

Beforehand I was a fat kid, got bullied and thus the result was over exercising and nutrition obsession. So here came the fearing of non clean foods, outside the paleo world. I found that whole30 leaned my closer to normality compared to general paleo.

I was wondering how people cope with trying "normal" foods again within this situation? I still get anxiety attacks even if I think about it, it freaks me out! I fear that i might not have as much self control over it...or what effects it may cause...But I'd love to even enjoy done oats, quinoa or rice here and there! So any advise would be great!!

Sorry if there's a negitive air about this post, but it's for the greater good :D

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This probably doesn't help you right now but I am finding the longer I eat clean the less I enjoy off roading ... Doesn't do it for me any more as the taste is too over the top or i feel sick after and I no longer like feeling guilty for feeding myself foods I know my body doesnt thrive on. I have also found lots of good alternatives to make when I really want a taste treat. Just now I cooked some raisins with coconut oil and a beaten egg in the microwave.... Yum!

I have been having some alcohol now for a few weeks then had a week off and was amazed how much better I felt then and I really wasn't having much at all.... So back to alcohol free again....

Just keep trying your best the rest will follow... And if it doesn't, find someone who can give you the right strategies for your particular situation.

Best of luck.

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I understand feeling nervous about off-plan foods. I was strict during my first 4 months of adopting Whole30-style eating, but gradually relaxed. I figure as long as I eat meat and veggies most of the time, I don't need to worry about off-plan foods occasionally. I mean, my father is 91 and my mother is 86 and both of them live on microwavable TV dinners nowadays. They have always eaten lots of fried foods, sugar, and considered corn a vegetable, but it hasn't killed them yet. My goal is to be healthier than my dad at 91 and I think eating the way I do is important to achieving that goal, but I know I can afford to eat convenient foods every once in a while. My idea of how much off-roading is okay is a few times per week; nothing close to daily.

I consider meat and veggies normal food now, but eat what I can get when traveling or at a restaurant. I eat rice in Thai restaurants, cheesy potatoes at pot-luck dinners, and dairy-filled sauces in Indian restaurants. I took a Northern Italian cooking class a while back and ate the pumpkin ravioli I made in class. I was a quick learner at making pasta by hand, but that was the only pasta I've had in the past 2 or 3 years.

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