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Waking up at 4am every night?

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Oh Sharkey! I feel your pain!

Crazy thing is, I just completed my Whole30 on the 30th, and last night I fell asleep quickly and slept uninterrupted... yeah, go figure! :rolleyes:

It was my first day of Reintroduction (Dairy), which definitely didn't agree with me in terms of my skin, but my sleep was back to normal. Although I did wake up feeling groggy as I used to Pre-Whole30 as well... :ph34r:

I'm thinking that maybe I was more stressed out about tripping up on my Whole30 than I realised, hence the insomnia and waking up in the middle of the night...

Hope it settles for you during your program. Good luck! :)

That's weird - I started waking up between 2 and 4 am around day 20, finished my Whole 30 on August 29th, ate crap August 30th and slept like a baby, and now am on Day 2 of a Whole 60. And have woken up at about 2 the LAST TWO NIGHTS. Ugh. To be fair I've been tired and stupid for the last couple of days, so the great sleep couldn't have been that great.

There have been lots of positive changes, though, so I am hanging on hoping that this weird middle of the night business goes away soon. I've been a spoiled super sleeper for years and want it back...

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Hey friends!

Just something to keep in mind - your hormones, especially during your first W30, are changing and adjusting to your new lifestyle. It's normal and expected for them to be a little out of whack when it comes to sleep (and emotions, and girl stuff, and on and on) for awhile. Be patient, stick with it, and practice good sleep hygiene and you'll be fine :0)

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