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Frist whole30 completed with great success !


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I am posting this a little late since I finished my first Whole30 almost a month ago. I didn't cheat during the whole process, I enoyed the new flavor experience of each meal so much that I looked fowarwad the next meal each day -I knew I should've been a chef!- I did not suffer for withdawals as expected, it went pretty smooth for me and that helped me to stay focused. These are some of the benefits I gain during this amazing journey :

-I lost 10 lbs, I was 127 and ended up at 117.4lbs. Lost 2in on my waist, 1.5in on my hips 1in on my tights.

-My bloated stomach was long gone during the first week as well as the contant gas and discomfort

-By the second week I was sleeping all night and woke up fresh and alert with more energy, I also felt more relaxed and content during the day

-no more mood swings

-by the end of the 3rd week I finally stopped feeling lightheaded at the gym and I also went back to running after resting an injured foot for 3 months, which I injured during my last marathon on January.

-By the 4th week I had a unknown energy surge at the gym! and to my elation I was able to run faster than ever thought I could!


I waited a week to reintroduce some of the foods I avoided during the program, once I tried them I realized I have no bussines consuming them at all! Grains make me extremely tired, mental fogginess is bad and I get super cranky. Alcohol makes me extra lethargic than I remember before W30, sugar tasted too too too strong I could hardly take it , once I tried less sugary treats and cocktails I found myself craving them more so I had to cut them off completely. Milk has been the worst so far, I buy grass fed whole milk for my son and I wanted so bad to taste it and I did so two days ago. I baked pumkpin muffins and I thought a cup of milk would go great with them, big mistake that was because 10-15 mins later my stomach started to hurt, the next morning I wasn't even hugry for breakfast, I felt sick and unease. Two days later I am still feeling it and not only I am still bloated and gassy but I can't wait to feel good again.

I stared my second round of Whole30 yesterday swearing I stay away from dairy, grains and sugar from now on. I am not interested on try legumes again because I don't really miss them. I am very happy to fit in my summer clothes I had stored for over 4 years and the level of energy for my runs and workouts are off the charts. I don't want to miss any of this just to have a 'cheat' here and there, it is not worth it.

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