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Hi, I'm new here, so I thought I would just stop by to introduce my self. My name is Tiffany, I'm 24, and I'm ready to start living life. I have many health problems that keep me from being happy and healthy. I have tried many diets, workout programs, and doctors with little to no help or results. I had one doc. tell me the best thing for my PCOS was to get pregnant! well my husband(at the time, I have since gotten a divorce) went ahead and had the doctor "treat" me, years later with a big bill, no baby, and not being any closer to my goal of happy and healthy I stopped all of it. fast-forward to now, I'm still in the same health rut. I have been eating healthy forever and still gain weight, my health is still declining and my out look on life is grim. I'm lost and confused, scared that if things do not change I will never be found.

But now I have found my compass: Whole30

I found the Whole30 kinda of by accident. I live with my boyfriend and one day he came home from work talking about the paleo method. we talked a little about it and that was that. or so i thought... a few weeks later I was on a popular pinning site(wink wink) and came across a video on weight loss. I watched it and found out it was on the the same topic that a first heard about weeks ago. after the video was done I went on my favorite search engine and typed in one word "paleo" and I was off, reading up on the different sites until I came to one the spoke to me. whole9life, I was on this site for just a little while when I decided to buy "It Starts With Food" I finished it in two days and wanted to start right away. So I signed up for the forums and started the next day. The very first day I was off the wagon. I had not properly prepared. the night before I had gone to the store and just got food for breakfast and was planning to do the rest of my shopping the next day, after I drop my boyfriend off at work. well that did not happen, he took the car(he leaves for work at 5am, it was my day off and was to sleepy to take him) and there was no food that I could eat in the house. So here I am a few weeks later, better prepared to start tomorrow. I even signed up for the whole30 daily!

So that's a little about me. Thanks for reading.

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Welcome to Whole30! I finished my first W30 on May 2nd and it has been the best thing I have done for myself in a long time! The physical changes for me are minor compared to my new attitude about what will make me healthy and happy. This has been an amazing start to the new Paleo lifestyle I plan on following for good!

I would suggest starting a log under My Whole30 Log towards the bottom of the main forum page to log how you feel every day as well as what you eat so you can see how what you eat really does affect your body. At the end, you'll be able to see what changes occurred. That was the big motivator for me to keep on going! And you will love the daily emails! The topics always happened to come on the right day for me!

If you have any questions, the forums can be a great point of reference! Good luck in your new life adventure! :)

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