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Dukkah! My new thing...


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I found a recipe for some spicy chicken with dukkah. Of course, not knowing what dukkah was, I had to click and read. It looked like a good recipe, so I made the dish.

Dukkah is basically this:

1/2c toasted hazelnuts

1T cumin

1/2 T coriander

1/2 t cayenne

1/2 t savory (I used thyme)

1/2 t salt

Process that together until nuts look like coarse crumbs. I had to process more because I used whole cumin, but I think the result was the same. I also sprinkled this on my sauteed veggies tonight and it was FANTASTIC. I'm going to use it on sweet potatoes sometime in the next few days, and I think I'll crust my rib eye with it tomorrow. I'm not sure if the nuts will go rancid if i don't use it up quickly. I think I bloat a bit with nuts, but 1/2 c used over a 3-4 day period isn't going to kill me. Plus, my husband eats half of what I tend to make, if not more.

I highly suggest you make some dukkah for yourself! The recipe is called Sticky Dukkah Chicken Thighs from both Chowstalker and FastPaleo's sites. I recommend that, too.

I'm happy.

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I love love love dukkah, I dip veggies like carrots etc into some sort of dip and then into dukkah - sooo good! You can even do the olive oil thing with vegs, but dip holds more dukkah ;) It's great sprinkled over casseroles instead of cheese/breadcrumbs too...

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