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Day 4...felt bloated today


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Day 4 already, i think all of the thinking and planning I do for my meals is making the week go by faster than normal. :)

However I started feeling a bit bloated during the later afternoon and throughout the evening, through my workout and up until now. Not sure why, but it's usually a feeling i would get after eating certain restaurant or take out food.

I still need to find a night where i can get a solid 8 or more hours of sleep, it just has not happened this week and probably won't until who knows when (have a 2 year old son who wakes up around 5-515am ever day) So needless to say, I was a bit tired today at work, but I felt better when I got home with the family and was still sharp and ready for the workout around 8pm.

Breakfast has been basically the same thing all week:

4 organic, cage free eggs w/ peppers, mushrooms, zucchini

1 organic, free range grass fed sausage from US Wellness Meats

half a avocado.

2 cups of coffee at work between 9 and 1030am

Lunch, at my desk at work (i usually eat lunch here, but i don't usually rush though it, I'll take my time, enjoy it and read some news online)

6 oz grilled chicken (marinated in olive oil and montreal chicken seasoning)

generous portion of cauli-rice with cilantro (recipe from 'Well Fed')

one sweet potato

a few black olives

(i brought some kimchi that i picked up at whole foods, but within 4 seconds of taking the lid off the tupperware, people about 15 - 20 feet away were wondering what died in the office, so i resealed it to eat at a later time)

Snack (about 3 hours after lunch)

handful hazelnuts

1 whole kiwi (skin too)


Tilapia with capers

half avocado

roasted brussels sprouts

Hit the gym about 75-80 minutes after dinner for about a 75 minute workout (weights, short rest between sets)

Post workout, about 20 min after workout

5 oz grilled chicken

half a sweet potato (my workout was not what i would consider high intensity for me, i had a sweat going, but i felt that a whole potato would have been too much, plus I had a whole one at lunch)

Already almost 1030, just finishing this up, watching the basketball game, having some water and trying to unwind a little before a late shower and hitting the sack.

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My first thought was maybe avocado...have you ever had as much in a day?

Then, I saw cauliflower and brussells sprouts. Maybe you overdid it on cruciferous veggies today.

Could try changing any of those tomorrow and see if you feel better. Also, at day 4, you may be at the point when you start to notice a need for digestive enzymes or a magnesium supplement. It looks like you have plans to eat some probiotics.

These are some of the hurdles I have faced. Maybe one will be the key for you. Hoping for a better day 5 for you.

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Hi Nico. Well I typically never ate a whole avocado or more over the course of the day, so that could be it. I haven't really have the problem in the 1.5 days since, so maybe it was just a one - off feeling.

Day 5 was pretty straight forward. No gym for me that day, but a long, busy day at the office and not much sleep the night before.


4 organic cage free eggs mixed with paleo pesto

1 chicken sausage

half avocado

sauteed kale


6 oz ground organic pastured beef

generous serving of cauli-rice

half a sweet potato

sauteed kale



handful hazelnuts

bottle of GT Kombutcha


Broiled wild caught salmon with lemon, rosemary and ghee


half avocado

sliced cucumber

Was planning on hitting the gym late, around 830 pm, but decided my body needed some rest, so was in bed nice and early for once (around 940 pm)

Felt good all day over all, energy levels were fine, but due to consistent lack of sleep, have been having 2 cups of coffee in the mornings at work.

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Here we are, Day 6! Getting to bed early last night was a good idea. Got up bright and early at 5am today for an early workout. (45 min of weights and 30 min cardio)

Since it's a long weekend, today was a half day at work, and on half days, they order pizza for the entire office. Also, every friday morning, there are bagels, butter, cream cheese etc in the kitchen. I got to smell all of that all day long, but never had any inkling of a craving for even a nibble of anything (i'll usually take a piece of a bagel at a time, until i've basically eaten almost an entire bagel over the course of the morning) Honestly the thought of eating either of those items really turned me off.

Pre workout:

Beef, habanero, cherry Epic Bar

Half Avocado

Post workout:

3 oz grilled organic chicken

3 oz ground organic pastured beed

half sweet potato (couldn't stomach the entire thing)


4 organic cage free eggs with paleo pesto and peppers

1 chicken sausage

half avocado

cup of coffee


broiled salmon with lemon, rosemary and ghee

half a sweet potato

slices orange and red peppers and cucumbers

small snack:

few nibbles of unsweetened organic coconut flakes (first time having them, they are good!)

homemade baked kale chips in coconut oil


Ground organic grass fed beef "tacos"

Romaine lettuce leaves were the taco shells

half an avocado


Late snack:

beef, habanero, cherry Epic Bar

I normally haven't been in the mood to have anything to eat after dinner all week, but tonight I was still a bit hungry, which is why I had the Epic bar. I chalk it up to a lack of veggies with dinner...it's Friday and we were in the mood for something quick and easy. (no excuse, i could have chopped some cucumbers or peppers)

The REAL challenge is going to be this weekend. Will be driving to Boston tomorrow to catch a Red Sox game and stay over night. So the trick will be to find edible food at the ball park (we have tickets with access to the special club level, where there are actual chefs preparing food, I tried to check the menu and I hope I will be able to find some stuff I can eat. Looks like there will be a raw bar and perhaps a carving station. So long as the meat isn't smothered or cooked in anything odd, then between those two things, I should be fine.

I also did some research on the hotel restaurant at the Four Seasons where we are staying and it looks like they have a pretty accommodating menu for people who are either gluten free or dairy free. So I imagine they can be accommodating enough when I try to order some compliant food :)

I'll probably pack some Epic Bars and an avocado or two just in case I leave hungry :)

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Day 7. I had planned a weekend in Boston with the family, check out a Sox game, stay at a nice hotel, nice dinner out (Whole30 compliant, of course). But seeing the forecast calling for rain saturday and sunday with the temps only around 50 as the high, I cancelled it at the very last minute this morning :( I hate New England weather. Anyway it made my food choices a little easier:


4 organic cage free eggs with chopped bell peppers

1 chicken sausage

half avocado

mid morning snack (i knew it would be a late lunch)

Epic Beef, habanero, cherry bar


handful hazelnuts


Dozen clams on the halfshell

Steamed lobster

steamed carrots and broccoli

small handful of organic coconut flakes


Turkey Epic Bar

Half avocado

3ish mile run outside


Half sweet potato

4 hard boiled egg whites and 2 hard boiled yolks (not a huge fan of HB yolks)


Seared wild caught tuna

Sauteed kale

3/4 sweet potato

Roasted carrots

One full week in the books already. It went by really fast, it feels good to eat REAL food.

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