How Many Whole30's Have You Completed?

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Just curious how many Whole30s everyone has completed and why you keep doing them... :)

I have completed one but plan on doing a second one on June 10th. I felt so much better when I was doing it and noticed so many positive changes! I am planning on diong another one because I think I need that structure or the challenge for me to stick with the Paleo lifestyle...adding a few things in here and there has become more like, "Just a little bit won't hurt"..."That tastes so good...I'll deal with a little bloat"..."Well, crap! I already ate that so I might as well eat this!" Unfortunately, it has become easy for me to say I'll eat a little bit of this since I'll be starting another Whole30 on June 10th...I'm still trying to be good but it's easy to fall into that mindset! <_<

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HI! I am finishing my third Whole30. For some reason (probably a complicated set of reasons), I felt best during my second round. Still, I think each time it becomes more about a new lifestyle...so that coming to the end of the 30 days doesn't mean all that much!

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