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Bestest, Easiest, Quickest Breakfast Ever - BOOM!


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2 eggs.

1 Applegate Farms grass-fed organic hot dog.

Kerrygold Butter (or ghee if strictly W30, or other fat of choice), however much you care for.

  • Slice hot dog.
  • Put pan on stove.
  • Turn stove on.
  • Put cooking fat in pan.
  • Put sliced hot dog in pan.
  • Crack eggs directly into pan.
  • Using spatula/spoonula/fork scramble eggs with hot dog until cooked. Recommend against using your fingers for this step.
  • Remove to plate.
  • Retrieve fork from utensil drawer.
  • Eat over the sink because this is so good you won't be able to make it to the table like a civilized person.

There. Knowledge = dropped and your life is better. Whole process takes about five minutes.

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Made this the world's easiest dinner last night with just a couple of modifications (and stealing Melissa's suggestions)

1. Saute Green Onion, Mushrooms, and Spinach in your Ghee.

2. Add hot dog and eggs.

3. Cover with fresh Avacado and Trader Joe's organic salsa.

4. Add some hot sauce

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