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Spinoff: pre-roasted vs raw

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You may find roasted nuts cooked in all sorts of different oils, including peanut oil.

If I want to have roasted nuts for a recipe, i do purchase them raw and roast them myself. I tend to use a dry pan or a hot oven, and no oil.

Now, if you want a handful of nuts to contribute to your fat for a meal, I would advise against actually roasting them. This is just my personal experience, but when I consume roasted nuts, I find they are food without brakes. When I have them raw, I am able to resist the urge for handful after handful.

You will find MANY people here who have over eaten their share and more of nuts. Some have banished them because of this. If you are going to consume them, consume them as part of a meal/recipe and avoid them as a snack. I am STILL learning this.

Good luck!

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I hear you about the roasted nuts, and this is doubtless good advice. When I'm using them in specific recipes, though, I seem to do okay if I roast just a few.

I have a small roasting pan and roast a handful in my toaster oven. Enough for one serving, or possibly two, at a time. That seems to keep me out of them in no brakes mode. I do definitely prefer the taste of them roasted. I just recently made Monkey Salad with some cashews, and had it for breakfast two days in a row. But then I ran out of roasted nuts, and haven't roasted any more.

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