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Hi! Susan had a wonderful idea of having one place where it is all things related to making/brewing Kombucha could be asked and answered. There are several of us that are newbies at this (me) a

Awesome idea! Plus one for the n00bs right here ... Three weeks ago I didn't know what kombucha was, and now I (hopefully) have a pet SCOBY growing in my kitchen. Either that or I am farming mould.

Just thought I'd share a pic of my 2 1/2 gallon SCOBY and brew, Denver, started by a dear friend and jazz musician several years ago from a bottle of GT's. He passed it along to me when he moved

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Yay meg!  Before you know it, you'll have baby scoobies taking over your kitchen.


Haven't posted a pic in a while, here is tonight's work:




1 batch white, 1 batch green.  Now I have to drink it like mad to free up a few bottles for the big jar full of black!

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Can we talk about what I bottled from growing Scooby?  I read online that if you like the taste, it's perfectly fine booch.  I've got 8 bottles on their 2nd ferment-day 4.  Has anyone ever done this?  Bottled the stuff they used to grow their Scoby? 


Now that I find that booch makes a fantastic mixer, I'm going to go through it even faster.  These 8 bottles might be perfect for that.


Next up:  continuous brew

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