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Better late than never...

Colleen Roy

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My husband I started our Whole30 on Saturday, June 23rd after he briefly mentioned it to me on Monday, June 18th. I did some research of my own in the following days and ordered the book ISWF, which arrived Wednesday, June 20th. I read the book in its entirety that day and told him "ok, we start on Saturday-that gives us two days to clear out the fridge & cabinets and drink that beer-get ready."

And so it began. Eating healthy has to be his idea-he'll eat whatever I put in front of him, but unfortunately, he'll also eat whatever is quick and easy when he is not home. He's a roofer and burns a lot of calories out there in the hot summer sun, but he tends to go for quick, carb heavy food when he's out on a job-unless I pack him lunch, which is easier to do in the summer since I'm home (I teach middle school).

So here we are...on day 13 and feel FANTASTIC. Food is tasting SO good-naturally sweet foods are sweeter and savory foods are savorier (is that a word?). Sleep is AMAZING-we both suffered from insomnia-falling asleep is never a problem, but staying asleep all night is. We both tended to wake up about 2:00-3:00am and/or would toss and turn till it was time to get up-tired as all hell. That is no longer the case-we are both sleeping soundly and all night, waking well rested! LOVE IT. Energy levels flagged for both of us between days 6-10, but mine are back up and even better. Once I figured out that coffee with coconut milk was not only tolerable, but good, I was a very happy camper.

So, if you are considering this, I say do it. NOW. TODAY. You can do it. It's SO much easier than you think it will be!

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