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Meal 1: beef/lamb patties, hokkaido squash, peach


Meal 2: homemade meatloaf, zucchini on lard, kohlrabi, carrots, small handfull of cashew nuts


Snack: I tried toasted coconut chips (http://www.theclothesmakethegirl.com/2011/06/13/carmelized-coconut-chips/) delicious! (I ate half ot this bowl)


Meal 3: baked chicken meat and skin, salad (cucumber, lettuce, spinach, sundried tomatoes in olive oil, lime juice)


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I thought so, but I was wrong. It WAS very intense (maybe just for me). Definitely need something small to eat after this kind. Lesson learned.

Meal 1: 3 eggs, half of avocado, ghee, carrots, grapes


Meal 2: chicken leg, salad (spinach, lettuce, cucumber, sundried tomatoes in olive oil, lime juice, half of avocado)


Snack: I was hungry after while, so I had small amount of coconut flakes and two carrots


Meal 3: danish mackerel in olive oil, egg, spinach, cucumber


Poweryoga for beginners

Emergency snack: banana, one tablespoon of cashew butter

*sigh* I was hungry all day and at morning had a headache :( I don't know what I'm doing wrong :(

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Yes, I take an avocado, cut the sides, press out the pit. I make two slices from this middle part, increase the holes and cook from one side on ghee, flip over and put raw egg into the hole. Cook until done and then flip over once again to finish the egg.

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Thank you :)

Yes, I live in main city and we have many farmer markets here. There are also small shops with local products. And meat can be ordered directly from farm or I buy it in my beloved small butchery. I rarely have to go to grocery store, just for few exotic items like avocado or grapes.

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Meal 1: roasted pork knee (+ fat from it), sauerkraut, carrot


Meal 2: chicken leftovers, salad (spinach, lettuce, olive oil), nectarine


Snack: I was hungry 2 hours after meal 2, so I had 1 tablespoon of cashew butter (finally finished the jar, it wasn't much tasty)


Hathayoga 90 minutes

POW: chicken breast, carrots (I didn't take a picture, I was so hungry :D )

Meal 3: half of large sweet potato sauted in coconut oil with cinnamon and shredded coconut - quite good :)


I definitely feel better with more meals, but I would like to avoid snacking :(

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Meal 1. two eggs, leftover sweet potato with cinnamon and shreded coconut, lettuce


Poweryoga 75 minutes

POW: I saved few bites of egg white from breakfast, carrots


Meal 2: amazing rib eye steak, blueberries, salad (cucumber, tomatoes, lettuce, almond-basil pesto, lime juice)


Meal 3: zucchini-brocolli soup from bone broth with beef meat, blueberries, cashew nuts


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Meal 1: rib eye steak, salad, blueberries


Meal 2: roasted chicken leg, sauerkraut, salad, nectarine


Then I had 2 cups of tea in coffeehouse


Snack and PreW: small handfull of cashew

Poweryoga for beginners 60 minutes

POW: chicken meat, carrots


Meal 3: brocolli zucchini soup with beef meat, tomatoes


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Meal 1: two eggs with tomatoes on ghee, carrots


Meal 2: homemade meatloaf (beef and liver), zucchini, lard, nectarine


Snack: small handfull of cashew nuts, 1 teaspoon of coconut oil

Meal 3: goulash (beef with zucchini, lard), tomatoes, small handfull of cashew nuts


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Today is Day 20, if I'm right :)

Meal 1: avocado and banana sauted in ghee, shredded coconut, cinnamon - quite good :)


Meal 2: homemade meatloaf (beef, liver), zucchini, cucumber, carrots, nectarine


Snack/PREW: small handfull of cashews

Poweryoga Therapy 60 minutes

POW: 2 carrots

Meal 3: goulash (beef, zucchini, lard), cucumber, small handfull of cashews


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Yes, it was tasty and I was suprised that I wasn't hungry to Meal 2, although there wasn't any protein.

Today is long day, we are going to The Dark Knight Rises premiere at midnight. And tomorrow morning I'll leave to vacation for 4 days. So I will post the meals all at once after my return.

Today so far:

Meal 1: lamb/beef patties, zucchini, ghee


Meal 2: steak of Tartar (beef, onion, garlic, tomato paste, spices, avocado oil), cucumber, small apple, plums


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MMMMMMM...I LOVE Steak tartare! But you can't get it here in the states unless you make it yourself. Dang FDA. LOL. I just think of it as the way my nana used to make meatballs, and I used to eat the raw meat mixture out of the bowl, and she would slap my hands. But I LOVED it! The only difference would be her's had a raw egg and some breadcrumbs in it.

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MMMMMMM...I LOVE Steak tartare! But you can't get it here in the states unless you make it yourself.

you CAN get it hobbitgirl! just not at the grocery store. I see it on menus all the time, and since one of my bosses is into it I end up eating it two or three times per year (including an ill-fated, whole-30 breaking meal back in june...tar tar would have been fine, but the Malbec...and the baguette... :o ). Most times it does have a raw egg on a half-shell to mix into the meat, and some cornichon on the side. yum.

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