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In our country too were times when steak of Tartar was forbidden. Now you get it in the restaurant, but I rather make my own. And yes, egg yolk belongs to it, but I was out of eggs :/


Snack/PREW: small handfull of cashews

Poweryoga Therapy and Poweryoga for beginners - en bloc, 2 hours

POW: banana

Meal 3: (within one hour post workout) 5 tiny eggs (approx. 3 normal), tomatoes, pepper


We watched The Dark Knight (2.part) with friends at their home and had yellow melon (I ate 1/4 of it). Then I ate pack of dried soft apricots


In the cinema I hadn't ANYTHING (although I thought that the smell of popcorn killed me) - WIN!

After movie (3 a.m.) I had banana and small handfull of cashews because I was too hungry to fall asleep

I definitely had more fruit than I should, but it helped me really well against cravings unhealthy things. Not ideal, but progress for me.

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Meal 1: lamb/beef patties, sauerkraut


And I'm leaving within half an hour. I must admit that I'm afraid of binging on vacation. These exactly the situations I have the biggest problem with. Something unusual, unlined, out of my rules and habits. Wish me luck, I need to stay strong!

I packed some "larabars", almond butter and cashews, because we have only breakfasts and dinners ordered. I'll try have some eggs and veggies/meat and veggies (some wrong oils I expect). We will see.

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I'm back :) Vacation was amazing! This farm is famous for their steaks from highland scottish cattle, so we have them for lunches. And farm staff was very nice and wiling to replace food I cannot eat with something else.

So, here is the rest of the log for 26/7:

Meal 2: cherry "larabar" (similar product from raw dried fruit and nuts), cashews, coconut flakes and almond butter

Meal 3: pork steak, grilled veggies (very good, even some rooty veggies was there)

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Meal 1: eggs with onion, pepper, tomatoes, apple (amount of veggies on the picture is for two and eggs are half eaten :D)


2 hour of horse riding in terrain (they were walking)

Meal 2: little beef steaks, grilled veggies, cocoa "larabar


Snack: almond butter, cashews

1/2 hour of hippotherapy

Meal 3: pork steak, raw veggies


Light yoga exercise (20 minutes maybe?)

Snack: almond butter

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Meal 1: same as the day before minus apple (more veggies than on the picture)


2 hours of horse riding (walking)

Snack: brazil nut "larabar"

Meal 2: beef steak larded with bacon and garlic, grilled veggies (it was the best steak I've ever eaten)


Snack: coconut flakes

Meal 3: roasted chicken, veggies (forgot my phone in the room)

Yoga (20 minutes)

Snack: almond butter

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I snacked more than I wanted, but it was approved food and we had more exercise than I use to have, so I was more hungry. So, I'm pleased with my food behavior on the vacation.

The dresing on veggies was non-compliant (there was something sweet in it) and I also don't know what oil they use, but the amount was small and I had no problem with it. My goal for Whole 30 is to change my behavior and I feel that it is better.

I remainded myself Healthy/F***off scale and it really helped a lot.

Some pictures from my vacation, if you are interested :)





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Meal 1: omelet from 4 smaller eggs, tomatoes, spinach, ghee


Meal 2: zucchini/brocolli soup with beef, summer apples, cherry tomatoes


Snack/PREW: scrambled eggs with bacon in coffeehouse, green tea


Poweryoga 60 minutes

Meal 3: little veal steaks, spinach, ghee, red currant


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Thanks :)

Honestly, I don't feel any huge change. No energy boost, no weight loss. And I still feel hungry, but I thing that I eat enough. Only positive change I observe is stronger willpower and ability to reverse bad decisions.

On the weekend I want to reintroduce dairy and I'm afraid that I will like it and I will not have any problems from it, so it will be hard to give up dairy again :unsure:

I plan to join another Whole30 at September 10th, after my short vacation in Berlin where I will definitely indulge some local specialties :)

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Meal 1: scrambled eggs with avocado, ghee, radishes


Meal 2: pork belly, sauerkraut, pomegranate


Snack/PREW. small handfull of blanched almonds

Poweryoga for beginners 60 minutes

POW: 1/2 bowl of blueberries

Meal 3: pork "sirlion", zucchini and pattypan squash, ghee, 1/2 bowl of blueberries, small piece of bacon


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Meal 1: eggs, ghee, sweet potato, radishes


Meal 2: pork "sirlion", zucchini, pattypan, sauerkraut


Snack/PREW: handfull of blanched almonds

Hathayoga 90 minutes

POW: few bites of sweet potato

Meal 3: beef goulash, pepper, coconut butter


Aaaand that's all, folks, today is day 30 :)

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