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Day 9. So so.


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So today is the 9th day of my first Whole30. These 9 days have really gone by quickly. Between my normal routine, and then the regimen of food shopping, prepping, cleaning, eating etc, it's really making the time fly.

Anyway I like to start these with a quick rundown of myself to help put the whole picture together. 34 yrs old, married father of a 2 year old boy, full time job (also on call 24/7), work out about 5 days a week (weights + cardio) Haven't been satisfied with my results in the gym and how I feel most of the time physically, so I wanted to do this to see if this kind of eating can cure at least one of those issues.

I started out feeling great the first few days. Then around my 4th day, I was feeling very bloated all afternoon and evening. The next day was better, and since then I've had the feeling only once or twice. Otherwise, I feel more clear and sharp mentally, which is a big change from how I was feeling for a long time (foggy and "out of it"). But other than that, I think I was hoping for more than I have gotten out of it so far. I still have 21 more days so I know there is still a lot of time, but if this keeps up I can see myself getting frustrated rather quickly.

Anyway I forgot to log day 8 so here it ls:

(no gym)


4 organic cage free eggs with chopped bell pepper and spinach

1 organic chicken sausage (no sugar or other disallowed stuff)

half avocado


Seared tuna steak, coated lightly in sesame seeds

bakes carrots

sauteed kale

sweet potato


half handful hazelnuts

half handful raw organic coconut chips

Epic Bar - Turkey


Organic chicken breast with red thai curry

chopped yellow peppers

japanese eggplant

served over cauliflower rice

Day 9: today


4 organic cage free eggs

chicken sausage

2 pieces bacon from US Wellness meats

half avocado

chopped peppers



3/4 sweet potato

half avocado

leftover red curry and organic chicken w/ cauliflower rice

(eat this REALLY fast because I was starving, and I have felt bloated/gross ever since)

Gym: trained legs abs (my son took his nap right after lunch, so I took the opportunity to get to the gym during that time, so lunch was my preworkout meal)

Postworkout: (still felt full from lunch about 2-2.5 hrs earlier)

1/4 sweet potato

@ 3 oz grilled chicken


organic grass fed ground beef burger (approx 5.5 oz)

1 slice grilled pineapple

grilled onion slice

sliced portobello mushroom (sauteed)

topped with a chipotle avocado spread (maybe 1/2 avocado worth)

While I was cleaning up, I ate one more slice of the pineapple, and I felt guilty about it (i guess I'm at least in the right frame of mind, IE if I feel that guilty about a piece of pineapple, I suppose I should be able to continue to not want to cheat or snack on something I'm not supposed to.

Anyway I hope the bloated feelings go away soon, and I hope I start feeling a little better sooner rather than later. (I also only get maybe 6-7 hours of sleep a night, my son gets up at 515-530 every day, and its near impossible to get to bed by 9pm....10pm is usually the best I can do)

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Day 10.

Still not feeling anything really life changing after doing this for 10 days. Still feeling bloated on and off. Was actually fine all day, felt ok, and then after dinner I have been feeling bloated and slightly uncomfortable again. Maybe it's the amount of food I am eating at certain meals...or maybe it's the food itself. I don't know how to figure it out.

Energy levels are so-so. My workout today and yesterday were ok, I normally have much better workouts, but I have certainly had worse. It's 9pm now and I'm exhausted, more so than normal.

Up at 5am.


Turkey Epic Bar

a little less than half an avocado

Workout: 45-50 mins weight training (chest) & 30 min cardio

Post Workout:

5 oz grilled chicken

just over half a sweet potato


5 organic cage free eggs with cilantro, chopped peppers and onions

sauteed spinach

hawaiian sea salt


6 oz grilled chicken

leftover red curry and japanese eggplant on top

spinach salad with sliced cucumber and carrots

EVOO & balsamic dressing


Handful hazelnuts

small serving of kimchi (i had nothing else at work to snack on)


baked tilapia

roasted brussels sprouts with fennel and truffle oil

roasted carrots

half avocado

quarter sweet potato

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