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Just started - ? exercise


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Hi there

new to the whole 30 not new to paleo, however have been working away for 2 months and things are now on a very slippery down hill slope so decided to regroup and here I am

This is day one so far so good although constantly thinking about food!

My question is however is about exercise - I need to regroup here as well... do you go easy on the exercise for the first week while you get your head around the program and your body adjusts?

Intersted in what has worked!

Thanks! :ph34r:

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Many people eat a lot fewer carbs when they begin a Whole30 and that often leads to performance losses until they adjust or start eating more starchy veggies like sweet potato. You can workout throughout a Whole30, but are likely to run a little slower and may feel a little sluggish during the first week especially.

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