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Day 2 and committed!


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Just wanted to share my start and progress. I just turned 50 not overweight very athletic but decided I wanted to do this to get rid of some inflammation that I think is causing some pain that the doctors cannot diagnose. I am thinking that eliminating the beans and dairy is the key. I already chucked the wheat and sugar months ago and saw a great deal of bloating gone.

What is the best oil to cook with? I am reading olive is not good for high heat? Any suggestions?

Coffee with out cream....yuck!


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I'm new but have been paleo for about 6 months. We cook with ghee or coconut oil. Some things are better with EVOO. Just depends on the dish.

You will see quite a bit about coffee on the forum. I put coconut milk in mine and blend it in my vitamix and add a cinnamon stick. It's been working well for me.



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