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Still going strong, week 2, Day 11

Judy Villano

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It's amazing how I just don't feel like I need to eat. I have to make myself. Memorial Day was pretty busy. I made my husband and I sweet potato hash browns w/fried eggs for breakfast. (8AM) Then I went grocery shopping.

Attended a BBQ from 1-5. Where friends kept asking if I need a bun to go with my burger.. hahahahaha! (very funny, actually). I packed my own BBQ sauce and openly shared it with people who wanted to try it too. I did go overboard on the fruit since there was nothing really I could eat amongst the "salads- macaroni, pasta, potato, coleslaw, ceasar already drenched in dressing, etc" So, meat (which I had to grab directly off the grill because the grilling guy would put cheese on every patty), on lettuce, tomato, and onion. OH!! To my delight later- asparagus and brussel sprouts appeared! I had maybe 2-3 patties.. can't remember..

Come 6, we had another event to attend to at Apple Bee's. I kindly asked the waitress what kind of oil they cook their food in and she went to ask the chef. Of course, soybean oil. So, I didn't order anything. Just sipped my water alongside my husband who was having a strawberry, spinach salad. He was still hungry afterward, by the way. Target was in the shopping center, so we stopped there and bought a bbq grill because I plan to make "The Best Chicken" from Clothes Make the Girl today.

Anyways, we didn't get home until 8:30 and I still "needed" to eat. I ate too much fruit, so I didn't want to just grab nuts or my lara bar. I made a chicken liver omelet- because I like the taste. Don't knock it, till you try it. But, I really didn't feel like eating. I thoroughly enjoyed the flavors.

Till this morning (Tuesday) I do not feel like eating. (6:30 am) But, made my eggs and sweet potato and shoved it down. I'll have my coffee in a bit w/my coconut creamer and I'll be set until 1'ish.

Have a great day everyone!

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