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Day 1. It's 30 days, not 30 years.. right?

Sylwia Zygalo

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Hello! It's day 1/30 for me, and I'm hosting a hodgepodge of emotions ranging from fear of failure to excitement of potential changes to come.

10 years ago I made a commitment to nutrition and lost 100lbs, not by dieting but by making long-term modifications to my relationship with food. I re-programmed my mind and taught myself to be acutely aware of what my body was telling me. All those changes remain mostly intact, but five years ago I fell in love with wine and new habits (not always healthy) began to form. While it has mostly been a moderate habit, I have found my consumption to be increasing since moving to the UK in 2010.

I went from a glass a day with dinner to 2 - 3 glasses daily and occasionally more on the weekends while with friends. I have also become more relaxed around food that I don't normally eat on a regular basis, (deep fried foods, pizza, crisps and ice cream). 70% of the time I continue to eat whole, minimally processed foods, but the 30% + wine consumption has caused a 9lb weight gain in just under three years (I'm 139lbs, 5'6). I have also begun to feel more irritable and tired, and my physical endurance is just not where it use to be.

I suppose that part of my fear of failure is that I have never not had some kind of a vice to come home to at the end of the day. I love the carrot to my stick, something to get me through a hectic day at work and a horrendous commute home on a crowded London bus. My schedule will clearly have to shift, and I'll need to design my day so that I distract myself towards healthier habits.

All that said, I look forward to posting on the 29th June and seeing the contrast between this post and the one I'll write. Wish me luck! And good luck to those starting today, or in progress within their 30 days.

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