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Century Ride-Two part question

Robin D

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First of all, I apologize for repeating a topic that's been covered before but I need a little input.

On Sunday I'm planning on doing my first century ride (100 miles!). This is in preparation for RAIN (Ride Across Indiana) which is a one day, 160 miler across Indiana. My plan is to test a few more foods to see what I can handle during RAIN in mid July (think 95 degrees and humid), and, more specifically what I can eat a lunch, which I haven't done yet.

Two weeks ago I did 70 miles in hilly terrain and did really well. I ate a Larabar after an hour, then 1/2 of another one about 30 minutes later. At the 35 mile mark I took a rest stop, drank some water and had nuts, dates and some squash and apple baby food. On the way back I felt really great and ate a lot less. I've realized through my Whole30s my blood sugar runs low so eating early is the key for me if I'm going to go long. That ride was also good as I was able to go almost a mile faster per hour than usual (16 mph).

So here's my question. The ride I'm doing is being catered by the Tour of Italy, which, uh, isn't going to work for me for obvious reasons. I think I might ask the organizer if I can pack my own lunch and keep it in a SAG vehicle. I'm not doing a Whole30 now, but I do eat paleo with one non-compliant dinner and occasionally dairy.

My question: what should I bring so that I'm full? I've been following some of the principles in the Paleo Diet for Endurance Athletes but I want to avoid gels and such, which the authors indicate are okay for rides over 4 hours. I was thinking some roasted squash bites, an avocado, but what else? I want a little variety! Also, how much starchy carbs should I eat after such a long event?

Also, I'm divided as to whether or not I should take a rest day the day before. I was thinking about a CF workout just to get the blood flowing but I'm not sure. I think I'll do a short gentle recovery ride the day after. Thoughts for fellow cyclists on this?

Sorry for being so long winded! Thanks for help in advance.

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