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Diving straight into my first Whole30 :]


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I am new to Paleo and Whole30, but spent the last year on Keto so it isn't completely foreign territory to me, lol. :] I have been straying from my healthy eating the last week or two and my body was giving me a good beating for all the crap I was feeding it. When I know I am eating right, my body and mind love me for it. Today is day one for my Whole30 challenge. I am so excited, but also nervous. I have done well so far today. Eating only when hungry is a huge challenge in itself for me. I am keeping myself busy so food isn't on my mind all the time. Seeing friends and running errands all morning and afternoon.

My first meal was 1/2 an avocado, mushrooms and broccoli in a little clarified butter with eggs. I also had a side of blackberries/raspberries to stop any sweet tooth from emerging later on. My water intake is usually really good, but today I didn't get as much as I normally do. I have kept my coffee black which isn't as hard as I thought it'd be. I got spoiled having heavy whipping cream and sugar-free syrup in my coffee every day.

I know a lot of this is rambling and I don't expect many to read this, but it helps me get it out there in the open. I need a way to vent/ramble on about my experiences and this is where I plan to do it :]

Dinner involved 2 chicken thighs baked with clarified butter and some herbs. I added some coconut oil to the bottom of the pan along with sliced zucchini. I drizzled some lime over the chicken before I put it in the oven. I also added half an avocado to my meal.

I am full, but not sick. This is a huge deal to me. I tend to let my taste buds control the amount of food I eat to the point that I get sick to my stomach. This is the one thing I am looking to change. I have to stop overeating.

For dessert I had a small handful of blackberries/raspberries. I normally don't eat so may in a day (probably a cup overall), but they were on their last day and needed to be eaten. So that concludes my first day of my W30. I know tomorrow will be another success.

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Don't apologize for rambling. That's what the log is for. :)

Your food looks pretty good. (Did you eat lunch?) But you don't want to be eating a dessert. Part of the goal of the W30 is changing your relationship to food. That means getting away from feeling like we need/want/deserve/have to have something sweet after dinner. Fruit with a meal is ok as long as it's not pushing protein and veg off your plate. Sticking with the meal template is your best chance for success: http://whole9life.com/book/ISWF-Meal-Planning-Template.pdf

Also if you do struggle with a sweet tooth, you may find it easier to not eat fruit, at least in the early days. Or make sure it's part of a meal. Fruit can keep a sugar dragon alive if you start leaning on fruit where you might not have before. (Not true for everyone, but some find it easier to leave fruit out in the early days.)

Otherwise so far, so good. I've followed other ways of eating and, aside from meal prep, it's amazing how much less I thought about food on the w30. When I did WW, for ex, I was thinking all day about how many points I had left and what that meant.

Keep logging. :)

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