A very reluctant starter but it must be done

Carina Clarke

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Hi folks,

Most people are brimming with enthusiasm starting out on their whole30 adventure but I'm lacking the motivation. I'm kinda hoping I can get myself to the motivation as it doesn't seem to be coming to me. I've been low grade sick all my life and it came to a head last year when I fell apart. Anyways I discovered that I was non coeliac gluten sensitive and my myriad of illnesses disappeared (asthma, eczema, headaches etc etc) I embraced gluten free life and am perfectly happy on it. However, I stupidly added gf oats into my diet and it has slowly waged a silent war on my GI tract where I now have symptoms of brain fog and a nasty gluten rash grrrrr (not to mention my lack of enthusiasm for anything). So why did it take me so long to realise the oats were killing me. Well the hospital took out my gallbladder last year and due to a few different things happening at the same time I blamed the gallbladder removal on my GI issues. Seemed logical. Anyways, I'm officially starting on June 1st. I'm warming up today and I have a dinner out tomorrow night that was planned months ago. I haven't fully researched the whole30 but ill do plenty of lurking over the next 2 days and will be fully compliant by Saturday :-)

This morn for breakfast I had grilled beef with kale, onion & bell pepper stirfried in coconut oil. Lunch was roast turkey salad with balsamic vinegar and dinner is going to be turkey stirfry.

Apart from my woes, I'm a fit 34 year old mum of 3. I train everyday and coach kids athletics (resting at mo, due to GI issues and pulled hamstring).

That's me.


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Welcome! If you have not already I would recommend reading "It Starts With Food" before starting especially if you are not motivated yet. I was not very motivated to start a Paleo lifestyle until I got "Practical Paleo" and after reading through that information I jumped on a 30 day meal plan from that book. Reading "It Starts With Food" just made me more motivated and I'm getting ready to do a full W30 myself in June.

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Just know that no matter the motivation, or lack there of, you are doing this for you. You have decided to take this step to discover more about what makes your body tick. Good luck and if you want any recipe ideas or just someone to touch base with, feel free to reach out :)

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I would recommend reading "It Starts With Food" before starting especially if you are not motivated yet.

It's a great read! Tons of good info and they seemed to anticipate every question i had. The pages just fly and they really crack you up along the way.

I haven't "started" W30 yet. I will. My problem isn't motivation so much as timing. I just finished Pollan's "Cooked" and got all excited to start making my own whole wheat sourdough bread. My starter is 5 days old and BAM! Along comes ISWF telling me to not eat any wheat.... Argh! ;) Seriously?

Well, in the mean time, I'm incorporating several of the principles. Knocked off the sugar. Today I dropped (my favorite) cereal for eggs and broccoli. I'll do what I can while I work out this sourdough recipe, then get going.

Best of luck,


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