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started my 3rd whole30 on may 26th!

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it's going well so far. it's easier this time, since i have more recipes to fall back on, and less questions about how to go about the actual logistics of the program. i've stayed fairly paleo even in between my whole30 commitments, but i feel myself slowly slipping back into habits of letting myself have various things more often than i know is healthy for me.

so i just wanted to introduce myself and say hello, and share my goals!

my goals this time around are:

  • regular, plentiful sleep in the dark (screens off by 9:30, in bed by 10:30 - aiming for 8-9 hours of sleep).
  • continue builidng a regular meditation practice (15 minutes am and pm).
  • no sugar, grains, legumes, dairy, nightshades or caffeine.
  • become more in tune with my body (daily sun salutations, yoga or pilates 3-4x per week).
  • stick to a 30 day facebook fast.
  • no electronics at mealtimes, and none from sundown friday to sundown saturday.

what are your goals?

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