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Crazy Concoction that worked!!!


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Yesterday was day 1 for my husband and me doing a Whole9 30!!! I spent Monday cleaning out the pantry and fridge and shopping for Whole9 foods. i have always loved making one dish meals so I thought I would throw together something with the ingredients I bought that would be filling and healthy. It was sort of a Bolognese type dish but contained Chicken Italian Sausage, onions, baby bella mushrooms, garlic, artichoke hearts and roasted cubes of butternut squash. i cooked all that down with a can of crushed tomato sauce, stirred in fresh basil at the end and served it over wilted baby spinach. It was delish!!! The textures were so interesting and the flavor was great. We were both stuffed and had enough for leftovers tonight!

I will be making more of these type dishes as we go along in our journey!

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