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W30 is curing my cancer- Part 2


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Hello my fellow W30-ians!!

I am sure some of you read my first success story that W30 was in fact, curing my cancer. I had seen results that I have never seen before and it was incredible!

I am back for more!! I start my 2nd W30 on June 1st-- and I am super jazzed! I am writing on the success board because I know the results are amazing and it works and here's WHY.

I have been able to STOP CHEMO for 3 months. Granted, I did have a tumor develop that I now have to undergo radiation (nobody said cancer was cooperative) but during the 6-week stint, I am also doing my W30 to keep my energy up, my spirits high and my results through the roof awesome. Never in my life did I ever think there would be a day where the pain would stop and I would start feeling better, until W30 came along. I can't begin to thank the community enough for the support, the forums and mediators for my endless questions, and of course, our fearless leaders Dallas and Melissa for making all of this possible.

For anyone who ever had a doubt if W30 works, all you have to do is ask. YES. It does. If you still aren't convinced, then there's really only one way to find out: TRY IT! I have roped in my sister, my mother in law and my sister in law for this next round to help keep me on track as I head into my next round of treatment.

I'll be sure to keep posting on the forums to keep everyone in the loop. Thank you all for your posts, blessings and prayers and in turn your own amazing success stories!!!

Can't wait to read what I see next!! See ya'll on the forums!


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