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Started 12th of May - 2 and a half week already gone...


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Hallo All,

Just also wanted to join this community - Living in Denmark and was recommended this programme by a friend - we read the whole programme the 11th and decided jo jump right in starting next day.. my wife Britta of course also joined.

My primary reason is weight loss and healthier living - My wife wants to find out if a new way of living can help her get rid of the astma medicin she have taken since her early childhood..

We are both running and doing workouts at least 3 times a week.

Now there has been more then 2 weeks already and were both feeling very well we only had some smaller headaches and some minor cravings in the start but now we dont even want to have a snack or something similar (Well we sometime take a cup of green tea to avoid the craving at eveningtime..)

Unfortunately we were hosting a party the first weekend and had 2 glasses of champagne and a little piece of tortilla roll so we decided to take a whole 35 instead :P

The biggest challenge for us is maintaining the social life with drinking and eating out - my good we fill ourselves with a lot of junk in this country.. its almost impossible not to have anything that is with corn/flour or dairy in a farmerland as Denmark - and then the alcohol intake in this country is also high so asking for a water instead of a beer is an insult..

But were fighting and its quite fun.. We will definatdly go for another whole30 again later when this one has finished..

Good luck to all of you out there..

René Eliesen - Denmark

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I'm visiting family in Norway this summer, and while Norway may not be quite so alcohol-friendly as Denmark--or so I have heard--it's going to be very hard to avoid the drinking and the grains and dairy. Good luck to you both!

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