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Started my Whole 30 today - May 30th! SUPER EXCITED


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So I've been doing the Paleo diet for the past 2 weeks, until I came across the Whole 30 which seems like a better fit for my ultimate goal. Which is to GET FIT & HEALTHY (ohhh and to lose weight). So wish me luck.


36 years young


5' 8"

219 lbs (as this morning May 30th 2013 @ 9:20am)

Goal weight - 170 lbs

49 lbs to go :)

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Me too! Started this morning! The hardest part so far has been no sugar or cream in my morning coffee;-) Plus I would really like another cup right now. I'm going to try some herbal tea instead.

My goal is not to lose weight (but if I lose a little belly fat I won't mind a bit;-)). I really want to feel better and take care of my health now that I'm 40. I am tired a lot, don't sleep well, and have a small patch of eczema on my foot that no dermatologist has been able to cure. I would like to see if it is triggered by food allergies.

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