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Speaking up late - started over a week ago!


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I've been paleo since last August and did very, very well with it at first. I even spent the first few weeks on the road and still managed to stay on track. Then the holidays came around and while I stuck to paleo, I did choose to explore baking paleo treats for the holidays. Then I swiftly got hooked on sugar... Even raw honey from my own backyard is addictive!!

I bought ISWF as soon as it came out and devoured it in two days. I was inspired to start my Whole30 right away even knowing there was a holiday on the horizon. I dragged my partially-paleo husband (initially kicking and screaming) with me and we are now finishing up day 9.

We both had some weird adaptation symptoms and honestly, I'm having a harder time than he is even though my diet started out cleaner than his. Go figure. Life is so fair, isn't it? ;-)

We are both feeling pretty good though. I'm definitely sleeping like the dead. And once these afternoon headaches leave me, I'll be a very happy camper!

Anyone else want to buy about 30 copies of ISWF and pass them out to all their friends and family? I swear, if I could only force them to read it, they'd all be convinced! (I'm not really going to...but if I only could...)

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I sorta started last week, but I will count today as my starting date (had issues with grain-fed meat which threw everything off).

I TOTALLY get what you mean about forcing people to read the book. My mother-in-law (who we are currently living with until we move to Montana in October) has arthritis, fibromyalgia (sp?), blood pressure issues, has gained a lot of weight lately (and complains about it every day), among other issues, would be a perfect candidate for the Whole30. Instead, she insists on eating popcorn 2 or 3 times a day with her diet soda, and wonders why she doesn't feel better.

She understands why my 6yo daughter and I are following the Whole30 (and why we cut gluten and dairy out a long time ago), but she still can't put 2 and 2 together for herself.

All I can say is I love the woman, but I can't wait to move in October so I don't have to watch her ruin her health anymore.

I also have a nephew who has been coughing and kinda sick for about 9 months now. My sister finally mentioned to his doctor (after all kinds of allergy tests came back negative) that I am gluten intolerant. The doctors reply, "That could very well be his problem."

Why don't they listen!

Oh well, good luck on your journey!

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I just keep posting all the positive things I am feeling, thinking, eating, etc. on my facebook page and I'm getting all kinds of questions about Whole30. I've gotten one convert among my friends and two more are looking for more information! I've recommended the book to everyone! Trying to get my 21 year old daughter, who lives with us, on board, but no luck yet. She's a stubborn one-just like her dad! ;)

Keep eating well and taking care of yourself and your immediate family-your actions will speak louder than your words and maybe your mother-in-law will come to see the light! Or maybe offer to cook a few meals and she'll be able to taste how delicious eating well can be!

Good luck! Enjoy!

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I have one friend who faces a plethora of auto-immune problems and even though she did an elimination diet once and felt great, she refuses to even consider paleo for herself. I'm honestly not sure why. I've had a talk with her about it because I'm concerned for her health (she has severe Reynauld's and is an endurance cyclist in the PNW cold weather!) but to no avail. It's weird too, because she already eats healthy (but has an addiction to whole grains and beans). I recently asked if she'd been tested for celiac and she hasn't even though she has a sister who is (and both of them suffer from IBS). It's frankly insane.

Anyway, my last hope is that if i can drop the last of the weight I need to using Whole30 and paleo, that maybe that will be the final factor for her. She struggles with her weight like I do (highly active, 10 - 15 lbs over ideal weight despite a 'healthy' diet), so I'm hoping that my fat loss success can be a motivator for her.

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