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My Sugary bowl of morning Oatmeal tells me I need to try again.


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So i'm sitting here eating some reheated oatmeal debating over whether or not add more coconut sugar or some maple syrup - cause, you know, maple syrup is "healthier". :rolleyes: Bottom line is, oatmeal sucks without sugar in it, so why even eat it? It has been my excuse for so long. "I can't give up my oatmeal!" Well, yes I can and I think it's time.

I have tried this Whole 30 program before to disastrous ends. I am the worst self-sabotager on the planet, always finding reasons it wont work and then cheating here and there. But my body tells me it's time to try again. I have started going to Tilte Boxing classes and I do not have the consistent energy to make it through class by the end of the week - not acceptable. Also, I am back to grazing and snacking ALL day. Not good.

Needing to shed a bit of fat, gain some strength, stop eating constantly, and increase my energy.

I am over all that confusing vegan vs paleo mumbo-jumbo of the last few years, my sleep is excellent, and I am ready for a challenge. So . . . Begin! Well, begin tomorrow after I go grocery shopping anyway :P

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