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Sleep & cycles


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I have read and understand the need for sleep on here and I am really trying. When I did my first W30 back in January I seemed to be able to fall aslep at the drop of a hat and generally not wake until morning. The only thing that really has changed post W30 is my daily cup or 2 of black coffee with coconut oil, I'll occasionally make my own chocolate with cacao and manuka honey and have probably had a handful of glasses of wine in that time. I do sometimes have some nuts & grapes at about 9pm if I've had my dinner particularly early.

Now I'm 4 months post I find that for about 4-5 days mid menstrual cycle I am sweating profusely at night and tossing and turning unable to sleep. I'm going to bed 10-10:30 and my wake up is 6:20 but last night for example, I don't think I got into a deep sleep at al and just seemed to spend the night throwing the covers off then pulling them back. My digital alarm clock is on but faces away from me, the room is pretty dark too.

Is this common/normal? How do you deal with it? Any tips as it is driving me bonkers.

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Little Muffin,


I am assuming you are not at an age where menopause is an option, so..


Night sweats around ovulation are very common, and due to a fluctuation in estrogen levels. However, it's impossible for me to say without a full consult (and perhaps some lab testing) what's going on in your situation - whether you have some sex hormone imbalances, cortisol dysfunction (the latter generally leads to the former), etc.


Knowing that you have these symptoms mid-cycle, it's important to try to do everything you can to mitigate them with good sleep habits. If you can, limit yourself to just one cup of coffee very early in the morning on these days - no more caffeine than that. Avoid eating after dinner, and no alcohol whatsoever on these days. Do your best to mitigate stress (always), and consider seeing a good functional medicine doctor or naturopath well-versed in cortisol dysfunction, if you continue to have issues and want to target exactly what may be going on.




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