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Water kefir?


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I debated whether to even ask this question because I thought the answer was obvious, but then I saw a post on Paleohacks by a Whole9 moderator here: http://paleohacks.com/questions/111493/kombucha-and-whole-30#axzz1zo3WrqBC which made me reconsider. So here goes:

Can I have water kefir? I make it with sugar (sucanat), but it ferments a lot and is not at all sweet when it's done. The info I have found states that finished kefir has 20% of the sugar that it had when it started. That's certainly a measurable amount, which is why I assumed it would be forbidden during a Whole30. But kombucha seems to be approved, and that's made with sugar too... right?

Water kefir is the only fermented food or drink I can stomach - I've never liked anything sour or vinegary. Quitting it for a month isn't the end of the world, and it's what I was planning on doing, but I sure would love to have some.

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