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Day 33- It started with Food and became the beginning of my life turn around :)


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I will never be able to properly put into words the wonders the last 30 days has done for me and this is just the start! I started this year out having quit a job that put a friendship in a hard place, I had weaned off of anxiety meds because I felt numb on them and had some long term personal issues rearing their ugly head. To say I was at a low point would be an understatement. I spent many days laying in my bed. This was not a good way to take care of myself, my relationship with my husband or my 3 lively children. I tried to start a Whole 30 twice but sugary carbs made me "feel better".

I decided that I needed to fake it to make it. For my third attempt at the whole 30, I committed to getting dressed every day and fueling myself with good food, yoga 3x/ week, and at least 8 hrs of sleep/night. There were highs and lows to this journey but as each day passed, I was making it more than faking it. I noticed physical changes like sleeping well, my skin was clearing, my stomach bloat was diminishing. The emotional changes were even more noticeable. I awoke with purpose, felt more and more like my old peppy self and by the end of the 30 days, I couldn't remember when I had last had my trusty companion, anxiety, by my side. I've read here that 30 days is just a drop in the bucket to changing your health and years of unhealthy ways. I'm excited to see what the next 30 days and beyond brings as I wade through my post Whole 30 lifestyle. :)

Measurements on day 1 Measurements on day 31

Chest 42" Chest 40"

Waist 38". Waist 36"

Hips 40 1/2 Hips 38"

Weight 160.2. Weight 152.6

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Congrats!!! I just weaned myself off of paxil this year. I've been off for about 45 days. I'm finally starting to feel like myself again. I too, have had less anxiety during the whole30!

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