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Day 27 and still learning - sigh

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Instead of looking at today as a fail, I'm looking at it as learning.

I had to rush off to work this morning and had prepared a meat sauce thing for breakfast with zucchini noodles and cherries and coconut milk for breakfast. Well, the zucchini had rotted even though the 4 others I had were fine and I ate the last one last night. The leftover meat sauce from yesterday ended up being mostly mushrooms when I thought the chunks were beef. So I didn't have enough protein for breakfast. There were a decent amount of veggies and the fat was okay, but I was hungry shortly after. I ended up working later than I thought and couldn't stop at the store before lunch. I had two organic grass fed hot dogs, a huge plate of broccoli, and 1/3 an avocado. I found myself hungry again...and I ate some of my son's snack...raspberries, raisins, and coconut shreds. Now I know those are compliant foods, but I wasn't eating them as part of a meal and I ate too many raisins. I came very close to saying, "Well, this isn't perfectly on Whole30 template so I should just finish the bag and be done with it."

But I didn't! I wish I had been better prepared for food today and I definitely had too many raisins, but I'm trying to look at it as learning instead of a mistake. I mean I know technically the foods are approved, but I have been following the program to a T with foods and the template.

My plan was to keep doing Whole30 anyway, but clearly not all the lessons have sunk in enough yet.

Lessons so far:

1. Always have back up food for when the first plan fails.

2. Fruit makes me hungrier/crave.

3. Onions, nuts, and hot dogs give me gas.

4. Chicken does not fill me up the same way as beef.

I'm sure there's others too, but those are some important ones I've learned.

I feel a little like I messed up and I really want to get out of that mentality. I didn't go eat a waffle or have a slice of pizza; I ate fruit on its own instead of with a meal.

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