Day 1 - My Desperate Lunch

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1st day, not really prepared, but going for it!

This is all I could come up with on short notice. Haven't made any of the Whole30 olive oil mayo yet, so I just mixed some coconut oil in. Forgot the salt and pepper so I think I'll go back downstairs and put some in. ;)

My Desperate Chicken Salad:

Canned chicken

Chopped celery

Sliced almonds


Coconut oil

I guess I'll eat some carrots to round this out.

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I would check the ingredients on your dried cranberries because so many of them have sugar and other yuckies in them!

Oh yes, and sunflower oil.  Why, why?


Also, check this thread out:


As you can see, desperate meals are a not uncommon occurrence around here :) 

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The canned chicken is clean, the only thing added is water and salt.  It's the Sam's Club brand.  The cranberries do have sugar added.  However, I compared the Nutrition Facts on the bag with raisins (with no added sugar) and it's very similar.  It does say that sunflower oil is used as a processing aid.  Not sure what that means exactly, but I'm not going to sweat it since I use so few.


I made some olive oil mayo that night and added it and it was a little less desperate.   ;)

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Sunflower oil is not an ideal oil but wouldn't break a W30, however, ditch the cranberries. On a W30 we're looking at actual ingredients not the nutrition profile, so cranberries with added sugar are out. I know it's possible to get them without the sugar, I couldn't find any over here so ended up buying frozen ones at Wholefoods and drying my own. For what it's worth I agree that raisins ar horrendously high in nautural sugars and I found I had to avoid them.

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