No scale but pictures -- ughn!

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I am on Day 7 and I did not take photos before I started. I was feeling a tension between the instruction of giving up the scale but still taking pictures of yourself. Should I care about the weight loss or not? The truth is that I do care about the weight loss, probably more than the health benefits (sorry :( ). So today I took the pictures -- front, side, back -- horrible. I am not sure if these images will keep me motivated or just the opposite. I am mortified to even have them. Has anyone else avoided the pictures or taken them and were glad you did?

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Hi Tabitha,

I just copied this from the whole9 Facebook page. I feel like it applies to you:

We see a lot of #Whole30 before & after photos annotated with negative self-talk. "Embarrassing fat photos...," "I'm nowhere near where I should be...," "Still need to lose more, but..."

Please do not do this to yourself.

Would you ever leave a comment on someone else's before/after saying, "Wow, embarrassing before photo!" or "You still have a long way to go, huh?"

Be good to yourself. You are a work in progress. We are always more critical of ourselves than others are.

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You're on Day 7-- that alone should be a huge reason to celebrate! You're in process to having a relationship with food, not your scale. I did the same thing my first W30-- I took my before pictures and almost lost my lunch with the site. But the more I kept looking at them, the more it only motivated that I don't want to look that way anymore...and guess what? It starts with food. (funny how that simple sentence changes EVERYTHING).... 30 days later, I was down 17lbs and almost 2 pant sizes. I am SO glad I took my photos-- now I am doing my 2nd W30 and I have a great exercise program to help me stay on track. I use the SMART goal planning. I recommend you do that too.... make a tangible and realistic goal that is detailed and easy to follow.... you will see results and you will feel better. I promise. Don't give up on yourself! You deserve to feel the healthiest you have ever felt!!!

Rest assure my dear, don't let the pictures or the scale delegate how you FEEL. It's truly all about what's inside. There are tons of us in this together on the forums. :) Stay positive! You can do this!! it's only 30 days!! :)


Little Peanut :)

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