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Potatoes (hear me out)


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I know that the rules say "no white potatoes", however I believe this applies to those who have already had an unhealthy relationship with foods like french fries, chips, and other junk foods. I understand the idea is to make room for more vegetables on your plate instead.

HOWEVER, I have never had an issue with potato products. I don't like chips, I never eat fries, and have always opted for extra veggies instead of potatoes at restaurants. I was convinced that they were a worthless, fattening starch... that is up until I read the Perfect Health Diet (which is even praised by Mellissa and Dallas) which states that eating cooked starch 'made us human'. They are a filling, and inexpensive food source.

I've re-evaluated my opinion on potatoes, and think that they could be a beneficial for me because I am quite active (at least an hour a day of intense physical activity). I have slowly been introducing them into my diet, but I also want to start another whole 30.

I realize that potatoes get a bad rap because they are often processed or coated with sour cream, margarine, and bacon bits.... but that's not how I plan to eat them. When I eat them I have them boiled, and consume them post workout.

I guess my question is, are potatoes okay in my situation? It's not like I eat them everyday, or in large quantities when I do (it's usually around 4-6 baby potatoes). I love my vegetables and eat plenty, as well as sweet potatoes, and winter squash. I don't eat fruit often because it tends to make me hungry and crave more sugar, so my diet is already very low in sugar/carbohydrates. I find starches don't make me crave sugar and leave me satisfied longer.

ps. I realize sweet potatoes and squash are allowed, but I just bought 2 little bags of baby red/purple/blue/gold potatoes and I don't want them to go bad, otherwise I wouldn't bother haha :)

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I hear what you are saying, but the rules are the rules. People will argue that potatoes/pancakes/muffins/yogurt are not an issue "for them," but the program rules were established for a reason, and even though white potatoes are certainly not the worst food you can eat (and may be totally acceptable for you post Whole30), to complete the program as written means to eliminate all white, purple, red, etc. potatoes for the duration of the 30 days.

The good news is that sweet potatoes are an acceptable alternative, with just as many carb-dense nutrients as white potatoes.



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