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Started on June 1st (too)!


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Count me in. Another newbie. Well, sort of. I've been largely off gluten for a couple of years, but had become totally addicted to my Udi's GF bread. I've been having eggs, spinach, and avocado for breakfast for much of the past 9 months, but also toast with butter and a (yikes) glass of OJ. I had given up, for the most part, Diet Coke - a huge thing for me indeed. But, I wasn't eating in a healthy way at all. That is, I was pretty much eating a lots (and I mean lots) of Amy's and GardenLites GF microwavable meals, especially for lunch at work. In essence, I had figured out a lot of the "bad, but GF, eating." My partner has been pretty seriously 80/20 Paleo for a couple of years now so it's really the fine-tuning (e.g., no butter or cheese) on which we're focusing.

Working with a naturopath, I did an elimination diet in 2009 and discovered - and have since discovered repeatedly, ha-ha - that I feel so much better when I ditch the sugar, heavy dairy, Diet Coke, etc. Check that. Repeatedly. So, now I'm really cracking down.

Dinner last night? Scallops on a bed of spinach with half a baked sweet potato.

Dinner tonight? Chicken, peppers, and onions grilled on skewers and grilled asparagus.

Yum! So far, so good.

Though it's only day two I've yet to have a headache or other bleh feelings. That happened when I quit the Diet Coke so I'm over that hurdle. And, I've not (yet) had any cravings, though in the past the first couple of days were hard, unlike what others have experienced. So, I'm hopeful.

That's about it. What would I like to accomplish? Better eating and more energy. If I were able to lose weight, fabulous. If I were able to get off my blood pressure meds, great. And, if I were able to get in good enough shape and reduce inflammation such that I could get off the arthritis meds, even better. We'll see! Thanks for reading.

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Hi, Welcome to the forum. I loved your phrase "bad, but GF, eating.", it really resonated. I've been gluten free for about 13 years but pre W30 was a veritable expert in the best GF cakes, cookies etc. Now when I read the list of ingredients, I shudder. Good luck with your W30.

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Thanks, Kirsteen. You're in Glasgow, eh? I had a Scottish pen pal from 1967 until several years ago when we lost touch. Yes, 1967. She's lived in Aberdeen and Glasgow. Scotland is still on my bucket list!


Anyway, thanks for the note. You might enjoy this post if you've not already seen it: http://glutendude.com/celiac-rant/stop-eating-gluten-free-foods/.


Take care!

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Well, here we are. Day four. I have to find a creative way to use leftover hamburgers. The thought of the whole burger is kind of turning my stomach. If anyone has a recipe that calls for something like mixing crumbled burger (already cooked), tomato, pepper, onion or some such, please share! I hate to cook and am not particularly creative with food. 


Yesterday I also did the first day of the C25K program, 40 minutes on my recumbent stationary bike, and 15 minutes on the (kickboxing) bag. This morning I did 800 yards at the pool and will soon do 40 minutes on the bike. Sounds like a lot, but working out - when I can fit it in - is what makes it easier for me to eat right. 


Tonight it's salmon, maybe with roasted diced sweet potatoes and a green salad. I've also got to find a good recipe for adding some flavor to the salmon. I'm so glad there are so many awesome Paleo/W30 recipe sites out there!


Well, that's it for now. Twenty-six days to go. Ha, ha. The last three will actually be the worst as we leave for vacation...!

Good luck, everyone!

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I'm actually a June 3 W30 start, but, I'm scouring the forums to get all the info I can. This is my first rodeo. I saw your comment about salmon which is one of my faves. I season mine with garlic and onion powder and drizzle it with coconut oil. Then I broil it until it's flaky in the middle. I add a squirt of lime just before taking it out. I prefer my fish broiled instead of baked. Baking just seems to dry it out too much for me. Good luck with your journey!

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Day 5. Let the games begin.


30 minute run/walk. 40 minutes on the stationary bike. 15 minutes on the bag (boxing).

Three eggs scrambled with a kale/Swiss chard/spinach mix on top of half an avocado and diced sweet potatoes, leftover from dinner.


The good news?

I had largely kicked Diet Coke a while back, with the occasional slip. It's not in the house and I'm not feeling desperate.

I've been GF for a while, with the occasional slip, so I'm not finding that too difficult. Yeah, when my son got in the car with his Subway sandwich and I could smell the bread - yikes! But, so far, so good. I know what gluten does and I don't have the GF stuff on hand so easy peasy as they say.

We do have cheese in the fridge because I can't bring myself to toss that much $ worth of stuff that someone will eat eventually. But, I've not even been tempted to go there.

I'm working out every day and feel great.


The bad news?

Boredom. I really don't like to cook. I have to start looking up recipes and making sure we have the ingredients or I'll get tired of this really fast. Fortunately there are soooo many good sources for recipes out there.

I wish I could drink coffee with coconut milk, but no sweetener, no way. Thank goodness for Good Earth tea.


That's about it. I know I won't be reintroducing gluten. I don't want to start again with the Diet Coke. I rarely drink alcohol anyway. For me it will be legumes and dairy (butter/cheese).


But, hey, it's only day 5...


Others? What have you found easy and challenging about your W30 experience?

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I'm in the SAME boat. I don't like to cook either. And it's day 5 for me as well and I'm getting a little sick of grilled chicken and berry salads. I, too, have had to ditch the Diet Cokes (my warped way of avoiding sugar). So far so good for today. I got a few of Tom Denham's recipes printed out and will be trying those this week and weekend. I made a few of his last time I tried to Whole30 and they were great. Here's his link if you're interested. I am especially grateful for the crock pot ones as that cuts down the kitchen time:)




Let's be budding on this! We can do it....25.5 days to go:)

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Yes, thanks, I've checked out his site. I also went through the Paleo Comfort Food cookbook (which we already owned) and looked for W30-compliant dishes. And, I bought the e-book of Well Fed. I'll be making a big shopping list for Saturday, stocking up! It's supposed to be a lousy weekend so we might just cook the whole time. Did you know there's a June 1st thread in 'Community'? I just discovered it today. Apologies if I don't recall seeing your name over there.

Yup, 25 days to go!! Keep in touch!!

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