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morning headaches

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I have been getting bad headaches each morning about 30 minutes after breakfast.  This morning its been bad.  I eat breakfast, and then sit in traffic to get to work.  I am now at my desk, I took Tylenol, ate some sunflower butter .. and still nothing is helping.  I've had a cup of tea as well.  Help?

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I'm having the same issue! every morning for the past 8 days (since I've started) I'm getting these headaches. Example of my typical breakfast


2 x boiled eggs

1 slice of applegate turkey bacon

1 x cup of veg

with water


Some days i'll switch the boiled egg for a fried egg (in coconut oil) and the turkey bacon for applegate pork bacon. I've stopped drinking black coffee before I started my whole30. I've followed the meal template by the book.


Yesterday (June 6th)


Breakfast - 

2 x boiled eggs

1 x applegate roasted red pepper chicken sausage

1 x cup of veg


Lunch -

9oz of grilled chicken with pesto (no parmesan cheese)

1.5 cups of spicy veg (broccoli, tomato & red onion)


CrossFit - 

3 reps x ran 200 meters

3 reps x 90 pushups


Dinner - 

3oz of Jerk Chicken (skinless)

3oz of slow roasted pork shoulder (lean)

1 x cup of stir fry veg


What am I doing wrong? I'm feeling really bloated today. I've also noticed that I'm not "Going or #2" as frequently as I think i should, like maybe 1 a week. Is this normal? am I missing somthing?


PLEASE HELP! getting frustrated. 

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