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Day 1 Started Yesterday ... Last night I had dreams of pizza :)


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I picked up the It Starts with Food book three days ago ... I was eating a mostly vegetarian diet - just because I simply like those types of foods. I was so intrigued that two days later - and the entire book consumed - I decided to start. 


A couple of years ago I started getting unexplained chronic hives almost on a daily basis. No doctors could give me any answers. Through a basic blood test, it was determined that I had Hashimoto's thyroiditis. I was surprised as I'd always been "healthy", had little issues with my weight, and had no other symptoms. Still, my hives were thought unrelated (by everyone but myself). Since then, I've noticed that my lifestyle and stress level have a dramatic impact on my hives. So it makes sense to me that food can have a major impact on both that and the Hashimoto's. I'm truly inspired by stories about chronic autoimmune diseases resolving completely or in part, and want the same for myself. Mostly I just want to feel good every day, and slay the dragon of chronic cravings and the guilt cycles that go along with them. 


It's a dramatic shift to eating all this meat and I'm looking for meat friendly recipes - I was hardly eating any red meat, so even ground beef is a tough one for me. However, the thing I'm most worried about is the alcohol. While I love wine, and it's been part of some of the best parts of my life (celebrations, travel, etc), it's more about the social situations that go along with it. Summer is here, and even last night I skipped out on a barbeque because I thought the cocktails and wine would be too tempting. How do you get over still going out with friends who love to socialize over a glass or wine or cocktail and not feeling completely deprived? 


Still ... Looking forward to seeing myself be strong enough to do this and the benefits that it imparts. The fact that I literally had dreams of scarfing down a greasy pizza after Day 1 - and then horrible guilt! - is just funny to me. :)



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People beginning to eat meat often need digestive enzymes to help as it can take your gut weeks to grow the bacteria it needs to digest meat efficiently. A popular brand is Now Foods Super Enzymes.


I'm sorry I don't have any tips about socializing without alcohol. Lots of my friends are alcoholics, so that is not much of an issue for me.

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