Whole60 done!


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Finished my whole 60 over the weekend.  Overall results were very good!




Lost nearly 10 pounds.  Was at a 'healthy' weight and wasn't really trying to lose- but now I weigh what I did in high school again, which is pretty awesome except that none of my clothes fit.  I'm super-petite anyway, and I might have to shop in the kids section if I lose anymore, lol.


Allergies were better.  Haven't taken any allergy meds this spring and, while I'm still having some symptoms when I'm outside for a long time (camping, etc.) they aren't nearly as bad.  Going through about half the amount of tissues and stuff that I would have last year - and that was WITH meds.


Food tastes better - and cravings are pretty minimal (except at 'that time of the month', which still gives me sugar cravings). But overall, I didn't cheat and I wasn't seriously tempted. 


Husband liked it!  He did not stick to it strictly, but was probably between 80-90% with me.  He's lost some weight, says that his anxiety and stress around work is down, and has been able to stop biting his nails.  He told me that he's amazed by how much food effects how you feel, and is willing to stick to this diet for the most part going forward.  Which is awesome - because he still needs to trim down a bit, and he does most of the cooking.


Most other things have been good - sleep, workouts, moods, etc.  I caught a bad cold last week so, unfortunately, the diet does not make me immune to viruses, but otherwise, things are great.




Socially, things can suck a bit with this diet.  I already have this problem because it's difficult for me to eat out at many restaurants due to my celiac disease, so it's been tough to be even more strict.  It'll be nice to relax things a bit and just worry about staying gluten free the 1-2 times a month I do eat out.  I've also missed my wine and my gluten free beer, so it'll be nice to enjoy a drink or two again in future.  I think alcohol effects my allergies, though, so I may continue to keep it out for the next few months.




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Woo hoo! Congrats - wow - 60 days!  Very inspirational!

I'm on day 6 of my first Whole30 and have been gluten-free (GF) for over 6 years, so I empathize with your post. I haven't had a difficult time eating GF while dining out: I find so many restaurants have GF-menus these days, and it's easiest with restaurants that cook to order.

Tomorrow will be my first dining out lunch on the Whole30 - planning to do my best. Lots of terrific guidance on this forum.

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Thanks, GFChris!  And congrats on starting your Whole30.  I've been gluten free for nearly 3 years - it's tough, but it's been more than worth it.  My celiac diagnosis and giving up gluten got rid of health issues that I didn't even KNOW were health issues - I honestly thought everyone felt as lousy as I did all the time!  I seem to fall into the extremely sensitive end of the celiac spectrum, so, when I do eat out, it tends to be at finer-dining places that understand contamination issues.  Luckily a couple of totally gluten free places have recently opened near where I live in Chicago - really, really nice to be able to order anything you want off a menu with no worries.


Good luck with your Whole30!  I thought giving up gluten made me feel great - but the Whole 30 takes it to a whole new level!

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Thank you!  While I don't have celiac disease, I was diagnosed as being gluten-sensitive. I hear you on being pleasantly surprised: going GF improved my digestion dramatically

Sounds like you have more of a sensitivity to gluten than I do. I haven't found the cross-contamination to be as big of an issue for me.

Oh, you live in Chicago - what a great city (with terrific restaurants)! I visited many years ago with my husband and we keep saying we need to go back someday. (I'm in the Boston area.)


Cheers - see you around the forum! 

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