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Adrenal fatigue, physical activity and sleep/activity cycles?

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I have a question relating to "overdoing it". I'd like to know if increased physical activity relative to bed time can have an adverse effect and how to avoid it.


I'm on Day 96 of a Whole 100, which has changed my life. Specific to this post, I suffered from non-diagnosed Adrenal Fatigue for several years after burning out from overwork. On the Whole30, my energy levels are terrific during the day, I have no need to nap, I wake up naturally and refreshed, I get sleepy on a schedule and fall asleep easily, sleeping like a log through the night. My brain fog has disappeared.


I'm assuming from what I've read in ISWF and here that it has a lot to do with cortisol levels.


I work nights, and have consistently become sleepy around midnight now, so that when I get home at 3am I'm ready to sleep by 4, pleasantly tired and not exhausted.


I've found that when I do physical work after midnight, as opposed to mostly mental or rote activity, I still tend to crash and burn that night and the next day. It isn't required of me a lot but it is some, and yesterday was a day of movement vs. just sitting.


Prior to leaving my shift, I spent 45 minutes sweeping and dumping garbage, slowly. Still, when I got home I was stiff and couldn't even get the energy up to go to bed, I just crashed on the couch. Twenty minutes later my mind was somewhat awake but I still didn't want to move. I rarely have trouble getting to actual sleep anymore.


Today I feel like I did prior to my Whole30, fatigue, brain fog, etc.. I know it will resolve in a day if I just take it easy (as opposed to several days to a week on the SAD if I was lucky), but I'd like to understand what's going on and how to prepare for this when it happens every now and then.



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Anyone? Bueller?


How about suggestions for what to eat if I'm doing more physical activity than normal on a work shift -- more fats? More starchy veggies? More protein?


It really throws me for a loop.

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