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Day 3 - I'm not sure if I'm doing this right....

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I'm on day 3 and so far I'm not suffering from any of the symptoms I was expecting.  No headaches, no cravings, no fatigue....and I doing this right?


I feel like I am eating way too much and today I've been experiencing some blood sugar issues (breaking out into a sweat randomly) along with cotton mouth but other than that...nothing....


Has anyone else experienced this?

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I will admit that my planning before starting wasn't great so I didn't get my all my veggies in on day one and I only got 2 meals yesterday (I was tired and slept rather late) but here's what I've been eating:


Day 1:

Breakfast: 3 eggs scrambled with half a medium steak and onions

Lunch: 2 harboiled eggs mixed with mustard and pickles, some melon (I was running errands and remembered that I needed to eat lunch, something totally new for me! so, yeah, it wasn't great)

Dinner: Sweet potato hash with 3 eggs onions and red peppers, a small tomato, sliced, and half an avocado (yes....I ate a lot of eggs that day, poor planning)


Day 2:

Brunch: basically the same as dinner the night before but had an orange

Dinner: Chicken breast, coconut creamed spinach and curried, roasted cauliflower and broccoli.  Also a small sliced tomato


Day 3:

Breakfast: pork "burger" patty with shredded apples, curried cauliflower and broccoli, pink grapefruit

Lunch: chicken breast and leftover spinach.


I'm not great at the prepping aspect of this and haven't been hungry so I'm having to make myself eat and I'm realizing that I'm not getting all the veggies that I should.


I only have blood sugar issues when I haven't eaten all day so that's why I think it's weird.  I feel like I'm eating a TON!

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Susan...I think Muz meant in the past she has only had issues when she didn't eat all day. Not sure though.


Muz, your meals do not consistently fit the meal template (but I think you know that). I would try a couple of days of simple meals that fit the template and see how you feel. Also you might want to go easy on fruit as that could be causing a spike in blood sugar. If you need some help with planning and prep I would highly recommend getting the cookbook Well Fed and trying to work within a weekly cookup model as Melissa so well sets up for you.

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